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The Marketing Mix

No description

Phalone Apota

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of The Marketing Mix

The Marketing Mix and the 4 p' s
Virgin airline operates on long-haul routes between North America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Virgin makes their customers feel very welcome in a tangible way. They are friendly and polite and that makes customers feel that they sincerely care about and given a good service.

Virgin Atlantic offers three classes of travel - Upper class, Premium Economy and Economy all with award-winning inflight entertainment.

Upper class: passengers gets experience pure luxury, they will have Virgin Atlantic chauffeur transfer services to drive them from their place to Heathrow airport. On the plane they will have Pre-Dinner Drinks Service, Food, and champagne.

Entertainment: On selected aircraft the V-port system offers 300 hours of video on demand where passengers can watch or listen to what they want and can start, pause or rewind their chosen movie, TV show or CD. Alternatively, there is a choice of between 14 - 20 video channels plus 9 - 14 audio channels and 10 - 15 Nintendo games on selected aircraft.

Virgin's objective is to fly a profitable airline that people love to fly and where people love to work.
Virgin Atlantic have seasons higher and lower it depend on the time of the year and destination. for example they are offering low fares tickets to Africa, Asia and Australia.
These are the prices and classes of the low fare tickets that they are offering.
Asia lowest fares:
Economy from £499
Premium Economy £699

Africa lowest fares:
Economy from £429
Premium Economy from £1,227

Australia lowest fares:
Economy from £898

Children: under 12 and infants under 2 have to pay
75% of the full adult fare. Another option is that children under 2 who do not require a seat pay 10% of the full adult fare exclusive of passenger taxes, fees and surcharges.

Virgin Atlantic is bases at Gatwick and Heathrow airport.

Customers can go to Virgin Atlantic website, call their telephone number and go to travel agents around London to book a flight.


Phone:0844 209 7777

Virgin Atlantic uses a wide range of marketing techniques to promote their brand.

They use internet, TV adverbs, posters, newspaper and window shops to get a specific message to a specific customer, one must be familiar.
They also use Direct mailings because it is cheap and sent it to their existed customers and new.

Promotion: On June 17, 2013, Virgin Atlantic offered an award discount promotion where customer can book economy award seats for 25% fewer miles than normal. They are concurrently, offering a buy/transfer/gift miles bonus of 15%.

M2- explain how the 4 P's work together as a Marketing in travel and tourism organization
The 4ps works together by trying to create exchanges that satisfy and benefit both parties.

Virgin Atlantic uses the strategy that is best for them and their customers to sell fight tickets and make profit. The strategy that they use is to target family, Young people and people from different social class levels. For example, they have high and low flight tickets for every social group of their customers.

Virgin also have an depth understanding of what they are selling to their customers. they make sure that the product or place they are offering to their customers is in the appropriate location where its target markets can reach it. for example: The customers can reach them by their website and telephone number. Also at

Virgin also use promotional methods to expand their brand .That why they use newspapers, TV advert, and brochures so customers will gain knowledge about the product that they are selling and that will them to purchase their products.

This poster is about all 4ps but is more focused more on the prices and destinations of Virgin Atlantic. for example they are offering cheap flights in different places such as China and London and it also shows the different prices each class.

Virgin Atlantic are passionate about supporting local community both in the UK and global destination. Last year they gave over £1 million to the children and young people who face extreme neglect, abuse, poverty, violence and social exclusion.With their support they have real choices and opportunities to build a positive future.
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