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Unit 31: Animation

No description

Akbar Shah

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Unit 31: Animation

Unit 31: Computer Animation
Aims: The aim of this unit is to ensure learners understand types of animation and their uses and develop the knowledge and skills required to use software techniques to design and implement different types of animation
Understand the types and uses of animation
Career opportunities in animation...
working for company:

creating websites
Mobile phone apps
Simple Animations
Origins: History
“…..how human eyes and brain allow us to see movement”

What is FPS?
William Horner:

Wheel of the devil.....
Thomas Edison
Phonograph: record, toys, blind, book
Eadweard Muybridge
The zoopraxiscope projected images from rotating glass disks in rapid succession to give the impression of motion
stop Motion..... have you heard of this...?
What do you think the importance these pioneers have on animation today? discuss with person next to you...
The different types of animation we see today....
This is usually measured in frames per second, where you will find in all videos and films.

Masking is a type of tool within flash. This allows you to have the benefit of hiding various different layers
Gradually changes two different images, and rearranges them to transform and dissolve to become a different sequence of images.
Which other types of animation do you see today...?
3D animation
Stop motion
Computer animation & Cell Animation
HOW....are they used today

Lumiere Brothers
earliest film makers in history
Human Computer Interaction
is this important? what is it?
Do you know of Tacit and knowledge level....?
And Finally......(Merit)
What is Persistence of Vision....?
The Persistence of vision is a type of theory where it states that the human eye will always retain images for basically a fraction of a second, usually around 0.04 of a second.
Many scientist don't believe in this theory....
There is actually no scientific explanation or evidence to believe or suggest that the persistence of vision works
Rather, it is thought that the illusion of continuous motion is caused by unrelated phenomena such as beta movement (the brain assuming movement between two static images when shown in quick succession).
A myth you could say....
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