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Subliminal Messaging

No description

Jana Baltazar

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Subliminal Messaging

Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 You win! Table of Contents Used in Advertisements (TV, Print Ads)
NeuroMarketing Thank you Subliminal
Messaging What is Subliminal Messaging? Where are Subliminal Messages found? How does it affect
society? By: Jana Baltazar &
Kirsty Wong What is Subliminal Messaging?
Where are Subliminal Messages found?
The Chemistry Behind Subliminal Messaging
Conclusion A for listening! SIG FIGS MOLES 273 K PV=nRT 101.3 kPa 8.31 kPa.L/mol.K The Chemistry Behind
Subliminal Messaging Conclusion Subliminal messages are messages or pictures not recognized by the conscious mind, but rather the subconscious.

Two types of Subliminal messages: Auditory & Visual

James Vicary: one of the first people to experiment Subliminal Messaging in 1957 AARRRGGGHHJFSLAKJFKSDK;SADFJ Seen in Self-Help
Weight loss, Alcoholics-Anonymous, etc. Our subconscious registers it and undergoes biological, biochemical, and neurological processes.

stores information as covalent bonds called peptide bonds

Carboxyl group + Amino group ->
Peptide Bond + Amide molecule
*water The X-Factor Analogy Simon, being the Peptide Bond, decided to combine
the Carboxyl group and
the Amino group. Carboxyl Amino Peptide
Bond BUT AND Hydrogen 1 & 2 from Amino (Ally and Normani) were strongly against it. Louis Oxygen from Carboxyl (Louis) Ally Normani Subliminal messaging only works to some extent.
It's short term and not long-lasting.
We believe more researches and studies should be done about it because there is still no definite answer today. However, they discovered their voices flowed really well together so they formed a separate group called , H 2 O The remaining members of Carboxyl and Amino eventually created a very strong bond because of The Amide
Molecule Youtube Video Derren Brown - Subliminal Advertising Simon, the Peptide Bond They now form a group called
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