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The Day in the Life of a Cardiothoracic Surgeon!

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Transcript of The Day in the Life of a Cardiothoracic Surgeon!

A Day in the Life of a Cardiothoracic Surgeon By: Dr. Naveer Madni I. Introduction Blood gushing everywhere, needles, and an unconsious body. This is the job of a Cardiothoracic Surgeon. My career deals with the chest area, including the heart and lungs, and doing many different surgeries on it. In my career a still hand and patience is a must. When you cut open a body and start sticking needles through a heart you must be ready for anything. Many things can go wrong, but it is my job to figure those things out and save the lives of many people. II. General Information about my career A. Training/Education Requirements 1. High School Courses
a. Biology
b. Chemistry
c. Mathematics
d. Physics 2. University of Illinois
a. 2-4 years (depending on accel program)
b. Undergraduate
c. $14,000/year
d. Communications (written and oral)
e. Chemistry (inorganic and organic)
f. Higher level maths
g. Developtment of good critical thinking skills
h. Biology (cell biology and biology of organisms) 3. University of Illinois at Chicago
a. 4 years medical school
b. $50,000/year
c. Medical histories, examine patients, and diagnose illnesses
d. Medical degree in open heart surgery 4. Residency
a. Find a hospital to work at
b. Licensing
c. 3 years B. Personal requirements or characteristics 1. Mental requirements
a. Must have patience
b. Must be confident
c. Must be able to work with others 2. Physical requirements
a. Be able to have a sturdy hand
b. Be quick and precise
c. Don't be lazy 3. Personal interests/skills needed
a. Must enjoy working with hands
b. Must be honest with everyone
c. Must be social with everyone C. Job description and responsibilites 1. Job Descripton
a. Around lots of uncounsious bodies
b. Lots of blood
c. You must figure out problems about a heart
d. Have to look at lots of open hearts
e. Must fix any problems found in a heart 2. Responsibilites
a. Must follow all procedures correctly
b. Must follow HIPPA violation correctly
(Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
c. Must help the sick 3. Working conditions
a. Advantages: Work closely with the heart, assist the sick, be able to make your own decisions, and get a good salary
b. Disadvantages: Long hours, must be nice to everyone, positive feelings even on bad days 4. Hours
a. License: 8-10 hours or whenever you are called in you must come ASAP
b. Hours can be even longer 5. Equipments or uniforms required: Scrubs 6. Location: University of Chicago Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery 7. Must have a valid up-to-date medical license D. Salary and benefits 1. Beginning salary: $45,000-$60,000/year (residency and depending on hospital) 2. Advanced salary: $350,000-$850,000/year (depending on how much training you've had) 3. Benefits of being a Cardiothoracic Surgeon
a. Health insurance provided
b. Paid vacations
c. Paid sick days 1. Difficult to obtain jobs due to many applicants 2. Male Cardiovascular Surgeon looked for more 3. Males tend to make the most money in this job 4. Opporunities for advancements
a. Higher education = higher pay E. Employment outlook/opportunities II. Conclusion Becoming a Cardiovascular Surgeon has been the best experience of my life. There are many requirements, skills, and responsibilites in my career. I feel that the benefits of my job makes them worth it. I enjoy creating friendships with the nurses, patients, and other surgeons. Nothing has been more rewarding than getting a thank you from patients that I helped. I have really chosen the best path for myself. Works Cited Ehow. "Cardiac Surgeon Job Description." Ehow. Demand Media Corp, 2011. Web. 15
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about_5263627_cardiac-surgeon-job-description.html>. Kuther, Tara. "How Much Do Medical School Cost?" About. New York Times, 2011.
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