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How did the Gilded Age influence the progressive era.

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John Fife

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of How did the Gilded Age influence the progressive era.

How did the Gilded Age lead to the progressive era.
The Gilded age was a time of
, abuse of workers, and
. These aspects of the economy continued long enough that the attempts to fix them lead to the progressive era.
due to Gilded age
Progressivism was caused by the gilded age because it was created to fix the economy of the gilded age. The
in the gilded age such as the
tweed ring
lead to progressivism which lead to
the progressive era.
Progressive beliefs explained
: Not an efficient workplace
No one could be trusted therefore caused inefficiency
: Caused by corruption. These companies had unsafe amounts of power
Standard oil co. Were able to form monopolies and encourage child labor. As a solution to this the Keating-Owen child labor act. This act put a stop to child labor and satisfied a part of the progressivism beleif.
Basically controlled the lives of immigrants
: Trusts are large businesses. These businesses had able to form monopolies. Trusts such as standard oil co. had the power to rule country because they were so wealthy. Almost had more power that the white house
was created to stop this and later was enforced by Teddy Rosevelt
The progressive era 1890-(1920)
The progressive era was a time period in which was being enforced
(Enforced later by Teddy Roosevelt with
square deal
. The square deal being Roosevelt's attempt of cutting down on trusts/big companies)
Progressivism was the idea that any problem that the society faced could be solved by education, a safe environment, and an efficient work place
were people who believed in progressiveism and inforced it to their communities

The Gilded age
Progressivism was created to oppose comapanies such as standard oil to creat monopolies and spread their tentacles across the country
President Roosevelt is cutting down on trusts with The square deal
Child labor such as shown above was thought as immoral to progressivists.
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