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Mitel Story

No description

Kiel Jared

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Mitel Story

We Can Help You:
Consolidate data and communications servers
Get the support you need
Increase call center efficiency
Disaster-proof your business communications
Establish a professional face to your customers
Monitor usage
Cut costs
Attract talent with flexible work options
Enable employees to seamlessly work from the road
Easily configure new users
Easily locate employees within your organization
Save desk space with phone sharing
Foster idea generation with built-in conferencing
Encourage collaboration across locations
About Us
Mitel has been helping businesses just like yours communicate
better for more than 40 years. And we’re not going anywhere.
Mitel. The business of communicating.
We operate in more than 90 countries.
And over 100,000 customers just like you.
We have more than 1,800 employees worldwide.
We have more than 1,600 partners.
We can work with your existing
What kind of investment do I want to make?
Ask Yourself:
How does the application meet my business requirements?
You can trust us. They do.
Marks & Spencer
Australian Customs Service

Manly Council
Telecom Italia

Philadelphia Eagles
Dark Horse Comics
Philadelphia Phillies
Home Lenders
Coast Capital Savings

Appleton Area School District
Video Testamonial
"This is a testimonial from Bell"
"This is a testimonial from Kraft"
"This is a testimonial from Bacardi"
› Acquire new customers
› Attract top employees
› Improve customer experience
› Increase profits
› Reduce risk
Who We are




We Make it Work.
Communication and Collaboration

Talk, See, Collaborate.

Employers and Customers

Software on Premise or in the Cloud
Works with Google, Microsoft, or on it's own.
How do I want to deploy it?
Play Video
We Can Evolve with You
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