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Tools for Blended Learning

A variety of tools that are beneficial for a Blended Learning environment

Jason Rhode

on 27 July 2010

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Transcript of Tools for Blended Learning

Tools for Blended Learning Guidelines Selecting Tools Using Accessible Tools Choose tools that meet you and your students' needs Use face-to-face time wisely By law, all courses must be accessible to ALL students Text must be accessible to screen readers
Images should have alt-text descriptions
Videos should be captioned or transcribed
Audio files should have a transcript Content Delivery basic intermediate advanced Face-to-face Textbook Electronic Readings Web resources Presentations
PowerPoint Video (YouTube) Podcast
(audio or video) Create a video Web conferencing
(Adobe Connect Pro) Screencasts Slideshare Prezi Web site - Google Sites Narrated tutorial - Articulate Communication synchronous asynchronous Email Blackboard Announcement Blackboard
Discussion Board Face-to-face Telephone Adobe Connect Instant Message Skype Assessment Tools discussion written papers tests and quizzes group work Face-to-Face Blackboard
Discussion Board Face-to-Face Face-to-Face Collect
Face-to-Face Blackboard
Assignment Tool Blog Wiki Blackboard
Test Blackboard
Groups Adobe Connect Pro Wiki Our Students Today... 81% of students report using technology everyday 75% of students on campus own a laptop 76% of students own a portable music/video player 75% of 12-17 year-olds own cell phones 50% of teens send 50 or more text messages a day; 30% send more than 100 texts a day 99.8% of college students own one or more cell phones 49% of phone-owning students have smartphones 97% of students use text messaging as their main form of communication 90% of smartphone owners use their phones to access the Internet 97% of smartphone owners take and send videos
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