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ELA Facilitator Presentation- TISD

Campus Support and Plan of Action for Improvement

NaTasha Crain

on 26 June 2010

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Transcript of ELA Facilitator Presentation- TISD

Dogan Middle School
Plan of Action Instructional Support End of Course Exams
2012 Foundational Support Curriculum Support Student Achievement Data Driven Decisons Consensus Implementation of Curriculum Observations Meet and Greet
Literacy Teams
Vertical/Horizontal C-Scope
IFDs Demonstration Lessons Infrastructure Technology Literacy needs assessment Data sources:
trends in state assessment results
teacher questionnaires
student surveys
campus and district improvements plans
focus groups Measurable Literacy Goals Walkthroughs Professional Development Interventions Day to Day Operations Overall Observations:
• Overall student achievement is low performing (67-69%).
• African American students are the in the lowest percentile in meeting expectations (56%).
• Males overall are low performing (57%).
• All ESL Reading classes are significantly below expectations (Avg. of all classes- 47%).
S.M.A.R.T. Goal: Eighty percent (80%) of all 6th Grade students at Dogan Middle School will meet expectations in reading by 2012. Strategic Goals
Build a Leadership Capacity
Professional Development
Target Struggling Readers

In-depth overview
Incorporate in daily lessons
Resources and instructional strategies

Study Guides
Curriculum-based Assessments
TEKS taught to specificity
Intervention plans

Tutorial options
Student/teacher conferences
Data driven decisions

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