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Freshmen 101: Stairway to Success

No description

Trey Boatman

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Freshmen 101: Stairway to Success

The Facts
Freshman year is the most critical year for building and sustaining a high GPA
Freshman year can be the most challenging for some students socially and academically
According to studies, Freshman year has been seen as the most stressful and overwhelming
Peer pressure is at its worst during Freshman year
Freshmen suffer from high amounts of anxiety and depression
Hard Knocks
The library is more than just a cut-through from the Quad to the Ferguson Center
Getting used to the tough course load
Learning how to apply information learned instead of memorizing the information
Having a hard time dealing with your first poor grade
Missing class can cause you to miss out on important information, special topics, and potential bonus points
Taking notes and reading your textbooks is key for passing exams
So, What Should You Do?
Get to know your Professors and your Academic Advisor
Ask questions as needed
Find a quiet, comfortable place to study
Don't overburden yourself with extracurricular activities
Study your notes consistently
Go to class everyday
Don't procrastinate
Make connections with other students in your classes
Take responsibility for your actions
Resources Available to You
The Center for Academic Success
The Writing Center
The Student Government Association
FATE — Future Alumni for Tradition and Excellence
The Career Center
The Counseling Center
Student Life Organizations
Student Recreation Center
In Conclusion
Learn to cope with being homesick
Manage your time wisely
Join clubs and organizations that will enrich your college experience
Balance your academics and fun activities
Study hard and stay organized
Remain focused and keep your eye on the prize
Stay healthy
Have fun and enjoy your undergraduate years!
Stairway to a smooth transition: Tips to having a successful Freshman year
Misconceptions incoming Freshmen have about college....
Freshman year is going to be a piece of cake
I do not have to go to class everyday in order to pass
I am an "A" student, I do not have to study
College is one BIG party
"C" gets the degree
It's too early for me to start thinking about my career plans
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