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Advantages & Disadvantages of Tumblr

No description

Ayanna Thompson

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of Advantages & Disadvantages of Tumblr

Advantages & Disadvantages of Tumblr
Tumblr facts
There is over 120,000 daily Tumblr sign-ups.
There is 900 posts per second.
Just like any other social media website,
tumblr has a few bullies. On tumblr everything is anonymous, so anybody could post hate.The good thing is that tumblr has an option to block certain people.
People's opinions
Because Tumblr is blogs, anybody can post on anything they see. When one person likes one thing and another person doesn't like the same thing people begin to argue who is better. These can be caused by the disagreement in many things such as a fandom, a movie, a book, video games, etc.

Tumblr is a very popular site because it has helped many companies grow.
Types of Business
Many big companies that many people know have a tumblr account to have more buyers. Some examples are Ebay, Disney, Adidas, NBA, Gucci, and Coca-Cola
Tumblr has more posting options than Facebook or twitter. This leads to many teens and adults being able to express themselves better.
Creative Community
Tumblr has an option that allows other people to post on their blog and this creates a community of contributers. People can share about their experiences, photos, quotes, etc.
Create New Friends
Tumblr users can bond with other accounts that share the same intrests and do the same activities. They could live on the whole other side of the earth and still be talking in the click of a button.
50% of Tumblr users are under the age of 25
53.5% are female
Tumblr is the 28th traffic site on the web
Age restriction
Tumblr has an age restriction because it has adult content, but this is mostly there for safety reasons.
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