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Part 5 of our 6-Week Social Media Series

Poms & Associates

on 5 August 2013

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Transcript of Twitter

More Twitter Lingo
@replies - public tweets directed at specific people - anyone can see them and jump in the conversation.

RT or R/T - stands for retweet which is Twitter's version of quoting someone. If you would like to post someone's tweet and give them credit, hover over the tweet and click the Retweet link that shows up.
And Even More Twitter Lingo!
From your Poms Marketing Team
Twitter is a wonderful way to express yourself and send out short snippets of information, but remember:

Share yourself, but be content, not spam.
Now go like Poms on
Reasons to Join Twitter
1. Boost your visibility on search engines - internet searches will bring up your Twitter profile along with everything else

2. Build your personal brand

3. Find new business contacts

4. Enhance business relationships

5. Offer helpful links and headlines
TwitPic - one of the most popular apps on Twitter, it lets you upload a photo from your phone and post it directly as a tweet along with a caption.

Twitter Stream - this is the same as your Facebook and LinkedIn newsfeed.

Twitterverse - the entire Twitter community and all the applications and tools connected to it.
What Is Twitter?
Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service created in 2006 that allows its users to create and read text-based posts of up to 140 characters, informally known as tweets.

You can find accounts and people you find interesting and follow their posts. You can also follow conversations on certain topics and see what people all over the world have to say.
Use a short Twitter name - if you have a long name, you will leave people less room for content when replying to you

Customize your profile - stand out from a sea of boring

Use a URL shortener - the URL is part of your 140 characters

Be cautious of being too hashtag happy
Twitter Etiquette
There is nothing more annoying than signing on to Twitter and seeing a whole page of tweets from one person. You may think your internal monologue is fascinating, but everyone else doesn't need to read it.
Have a Bit of a Filter, Please
Do Onto Others As You Would Have Them Tweet
to Thousands
Twitter offers you the unique ability to eavesdrop on conversations. You can search a keyword or hashtag and see all the conversations related to the subject. You can research trends, preferences and attitudes of people related to a certain subject anytime. The information that you would pay a marketing research analyst hundred of dollars to obtain is at your fingertips for free.

Make full use of this tool. Don't shy away from responding to people you don't (yet) know. Jump into conversations - you never know when you may make a useful contact. Without trying to make a sale, provide them with your contact details so they can ask you further questions if desired.
The Power of Twitter
Some terms used in Twitter can be confusing, here are some of the commonly used words in the twitterverse:

Tweet - your 140-character posts on Twitter are called tweets.

Direct Message (DM) - a private message sent to someone in your network.

Hashtag - the words after the # symbol. Hashtags turn a word into a searchable keyword.
Be genuine and non-deceptive.

Find a balance between the number of tweets that promote yourself and the ones that provide value.

Always provide value.
If someone is following you, it means they care about what you have to say. Give them your thoughts and opinions. Tip them off to the good stuff, save them from the bad stuff.
Don't Forget That Everyone Can See Your Tweets - once something has been sent out into the internet, there's no going back. Be careful what you post and remember who your audience is.

Don't Steal People's Tweets Without Giving Them Credit - Twitter is all about being witty and informative in under 140 characters. Taking someone's tweet without giving them credit is considered plagiarism in the twitterverse. This is exactly what the Retweet button was invented for.

If a client follows you, FOLLOW THEM BACK.
6. Follow your clients and prospects on Twitter and do whatever you can to add value to them, be it referring a business or re-tweeting their marketing messages

7. Take advantage of PR opportunities - reporters and bloggers tend to be very active on Twitter - follow them and you get an idea of what they write and how you can pitch them for your own articles. This will also help you figure out what they are working on and if you can be a resource

8. Testimonials - save the nice tweets people post about you to your favorites and you can direct people to your page when they need to see some character references

9. Keep up on industry news and trends
Why Should I Tweet?
1. If you wouldn't say it to your grandmother, then don't say it online. EVERYTHING is cached by Google. You wouldn't want a potential client to come across a scathing tweet or status update. You've just ruined your first impression about yourself.
2. Remember the golden rule - be respectful towards others. Don't be enticed into participating in the drama!
3. Don't use Twitter solely for sales pitches - instead, take the time to build relationships with people. Clients want to choose a broker that they feel they can easily work with. If you've already built an online relationship with someone, they will be more likely to choose to do business with you.
4. Plan your sales pitches accordingly - make them short and sweet. Make them intriguing enough that a person will click on your link. Time them accordingly as well - a few times a day is good.
How to Create a Basic Twitter Account?
1. Go to Twitter.com and fill in your name, email and password.

2. On the next screen, pick a Username - keep it simple, @firstnamelastname (or a variation of that) is always a good choice.
3. Add some personality; click on the head image at the top of the page to access your settings.
4. Customize your profile as you like - write about yourself in the biography box and you can use the Poms website and location to fill in those boxes.

5. You are now ready to start tweeting! Follow people, build up a following and start interacting with existing and potential customers.
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