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Representation of gender in disney movies

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ellie wyatt

on 2 July 2014

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Transcript of Representation of gender in disney movies

Representation of gender in Disney Movies
The typical conventions of women in Disney films is wearing pretty dresses, long hair, cooking and looking after either their home, parents or their prince. Female characters are known for their physique and appearance. Their appearance is valued more than intelligence, they are seen as helpless and in need of protection from a prince.
Males are represented in Disney films as being masculine, heroic, successful, strong and always manage to get their princess in the end. They are often shown fighting and using weapons, they are often riding horses especially into battle which shows the males to be quite aggressive and in control.
questionnaire results
We questioned both males and females however our male to female ratio was slightly low and we ended up questioning 13 females and only 5 males, both gender's were either 17 or 18 years old. However we did have one 52 year old women who answered our questionnaire.
Results show...
In our data we saw that both men and women had a very similar opinion on the way men and women were not only represented in Disney films but also in the media. Both men and women also felt that representing men and women in this way could lead to children stereotyping in the future.

To make our data more reliable we would need to change our survey questions to more closed questions as it is hard to evaluate open questions as everybody has a different answer. We could also venture further then just our college canteen to and older age group of 21-24 to see how the older generation felt when they watched Disney films to how they feel now witnessing others watching Disney films.
Results for Question 5
Results for Question 4
All of our participants had seen over 10 Disney films and when we asked them to list at least 5 in question 1, a lot of the same Disney Films were listed such as Cinderella, Peter Pan, Snow White, Frozen and The Lady and the Tramp.

When we asked what all Disney films had in common, the typical answer was 'A happy ending, same narrative or having a prince and a princess'. This was a popular answer from both boys and girls.

Response of Male character stereotypes in Disney Films
Response of Female character stereotypes in Disney Films

Question 6 asked what could be the impact of Disney always representing characters in a similar way, the answers were very different however one answer that came up often was that the Disney films would form stereotypes from a young age.

Question 7 had many different answer however again stereotypes came up more often than not. There were answers such as resembling real life and trying to become those characters also came up more than once.

Whether gender stereotypes were represented in the media was a mixed opinion however most people did say it was, 8 out of 10 were women that agreed with this. 8 people said it wasn't represented in the media and 3 of these were boys.

If we see male characters interrupting and stealing the thunder from female characters on-screen how can we be surprised when we see men and boys interrupting women and girls in boardrooms and classrooms?
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