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Lucy Suldo pd.4 8/26/16

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lib hist

on 31 August 2016

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Transcript of Lucy Suldo pd.4 8/26/16

Medal Of Honor
The Medal of Honor is the highest US military decoration, awarded by Congress to a member of the armed forces for the life above and beyond the call of duty.

Salvador represents courage because first, he fought in war world 2 which already takes a whole lot of courage and then suffering wounds that didn't stop him from saving his soldiers
Next recipient (Mary Edwards) claims going into her mission she knows she has a big chance of getting caught but without a doubt with the courage she has she does it anyways
Salvador j. Lara
He gained a severe leg wound however, did not stop to receive first aid. His company had heavy cons , as a result of machine gun fire coming from an enemy strong point. After requesting permission to destroy the enemy machine gun ,Despite his wound and the extreme danger of the mission, he had the courage and completed his job.
Mary Edwards Walker
Mary Edwards Walker was captured and imprisoned by confederate forces while trying to save and healing injured soldiers while having extreme courage and being in the face of danger.
Lucy Suldo pd.4 8/26/16
Mary receives valor because she gets captured which she knew she had a chance of however , she went to go save injured soldiers anyways
next Salvador received valor because despite all his injuries and being on enemy grounds he sill manages to have his mission accomplished
Both recipients have honor because they honor there country and make sacrifices for there family of war and country being fearless.
Both heros have patriotism because when they fight and make the sacrifices for our country knowing what there doing could be illegal for example Mary Edwards walker was an prisoner because crossing the border was illegal and she knew it was wrong from the very beginning too. Also, Salvador fighting for his country concluded patriotism
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