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No description

deszearae whitley

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Students

In conclusion, as us being apart of the younger students

( 8th Grade )
we would really appreciate having our technology back to help us academically.
Debatable Claim
In our opinion, We believe that should be able to use technology in I.T.A
We will be talking about rather we should or should not be able to have the use of technology in I.T.A . We will use a debatable claim and evidence to support our choice.

By: Deszerae Whitley, D'Vante Sumler, Ja'Nise Johnson, and K'Vieon Sanders.

We say we should have technology because we are a technology school, & we need to do work and research things if we have a limited number of notebooks.
Technology is a part of a school-improvement plan. Many students said we should use technology for digital school work such as research and etc.

By - D'vante Sumler & Janise Johnson
By~Deszearae Whitley & K'Vieon Sanders
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