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USO Bob Hope

No description

Ben Affleck

on 12 April 2017

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Transcript of USO Bob Hope

USO Bob Hope

Non profit organization
The USO operates in more than 160 locations around the world

As a volunteer dealing with military, sometimes these soldiers just need people who they can talk and open up about any feelings they are dealing with without judgment.
Having that empathy quality is important when communicating or just listening to the soldiers in need.

Welcoming to all visitors
Very friendly
Positive Atmosphere
Has a home feeling to it
Supportive and comfortable
The Value of The coins

Coins symbolize friendship ; I will you later ; let's go get a drink later
Trained not to ask certain questions to military men and women, unless they are approached by a soldier who's willing to share their experiences
Be caring and kind and compassionate
About Mary
Remembering The Fallen
Problem Solving
What makes the non profit successful?
Issues that they are currently facing
Lack of Resources
Special events such as golf tournaments
Fire department puts on shows for money donations.
contacting companies for help (Frito lay )
Want list of all the supplies they will need
Amenities at BOB Hope USO
A place to rest and sleep
The canteen, where meals, snacks and drinks are served
kids area
books, toys, cribs
Media room
video games
Recreation room
pool table, air hockey, puzzles, table soccer
180 volunteers
2-4 shifts required for all volunteers
Relationships with military
Prepare care packages
well organized
great staff
great communication
forming lasting relationships

Receive large amount of checks from different organizations and companies
-The cast of Disneyland Resort donated 30,000
-Ontario firefighters donated 75,000
-Ontario airport donated 31,000
Jersey mikes donates money to them and also provides sandwiches.
They collaborate with Salvation Army, Travelers Aid, & the Fire department.

Founded 1941
Ontario-Second largest BOB in USA
located in the Ontario Airport
open 365 days a year
Military Bond
When military soldiers came back from Iraq or deployment, upon their plane landing USO personnel and the local fire department shot water over the plane to show respect / a blessing that our soldiers returned home safe.
She has been working there for 7 years after she retired.
Chose to volunteer because she wanted to give back to the community and also has family ties to military.
It was a pleasure speaking with her.
"A home away from home"
10,000 square feet
Personal Stories
SSgt Harris of the United States MarineCorps
"The most favorable asset of the USO was my ability to have refreshment at my will. The customer service of the USO is one of the best I've ever experienced. The love in the cost of military personnel, and their families motivates you to come back.
Additionally, the experience of the USO encouraged me to volunteer overseas in Kuwait. I felt it was the only way I could repay the USO society for it's unselfish and dedication to my military brothers and sisters.
I am beyond pleased, and grateful to the USO."
Boxes of individual serving size snacks:
Granola bars
protein bars
nuts and jerky
fruit snacks
cookies and crackers
pop tarts
cases of water
cases of brand name soda
cases of gatorade
toothpaste and toothbrushes
shaving cream, disposable razors
lysol wipes / baby wipes
travel size shampoo and soap
In conclusion
We hope to inspire as many civilian individuals to be aware of the helpful actions they can provide to our men and woman that serve our country. Many times it is the smallest of necessities our soldiers appreciate the most when away from home. We are able to express our gratitude in numerous ways that don't require much to say thank you for your service.
Bob Hope USO can be found on your favorite social media sites.
You can also make a donation to Bob Hope USO from these websites as well.
The always pay respect to the ones who have passed away and their families really appreciate it.
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