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Home Automation

Trabalho da matéria de Inglês Técnico II, da Profa. Mônica, sobre automação residencial.

Patrick Fonseca

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Home Automation

Home Automation A new look into the future. Automation is comfort, safety, convenience and enhancement of property wherever it is installed. World Mapping Exemple of Home Automation Video: Fonts: smarthome.com/homeautomation.html
kasperconnections.com/home/home_automation1 Create different zones of audio and listen to different musics in every room in the home.
Makes the perfect environment for each time.
Adjust lights and curtains to make optimal lighting.
Open doors by reading your fingerprint.
Learn the time of arrival of your children by messages and by e-mail on your phone.
Even before you get home, adjust the air conditioning and let the environment ready to welcome you.
Wireless technology. Forget the wires and reforms, even if your home is already ready. What is Home Automation? Results Layout of the subject Benefits Is the use of technology to facilitate their day to day and ensure the welfare of the family.
With just one touch, you transform and customize the environment for every occasion, and control electronics and automation elements individually through menus to access simple and intuitive. Curiosities "Levels of automation is that it will reflect the investment." Home automation is where technology and convenience converge, forming a network made up of individual devices all working together in harmony. Seemingly endless possibilities… Lighting: Home automation gives you full authority over your home’s lighting from wherever, whenever. Convenience: Control and automate just about every device and appliance within your home whether you are on location or far away in entirely different country. Safety and Security: Always on guard and at the ready, home automation provides security, safeguarding your home. Fun and Enjoyable: Home automation gets you involved. Set your personal preferences and actions, then sit back and enjoy using the latest in home automation technology. Internet Devices Ethernet
WiFi Smartphone Server Computer Lan Temperature Sensor Occupancy Sensor Light Sensor Light Switch Temperature Control This means that the price will depend on what you can install in the house and what is sought in terms of integration. This involves automation of lights, curtains, integration of audio and video and some security option. Thanks for your attention ! or However, actual values varies according to what we already have (such as an iPhone or iPad) and the demand of the client (biometrics, for example, increases the total value of the project). Despite being a sign of status, home automation is increasingly available to "ordinary people" who have some money left over and looking for a smart home and technologically ready to live. Introduction Home Automation is a central system that can control and create communication between nearly all aspects of your house. A Home Automation system will allow you to automate things you want done on a regular basis or have an action occur when a particular event takes place.
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