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platform games

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H Johnston

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of platform games

genres of games and different controllers
by Isabella Pettite
In platform gaming you have to run and jump across small, medium or large platform's trying to get to the end of the level. Sometimes there are enemies that you have to avoid by jumping over them or in other cases you have to kill them. Platform games are extremely rewarding as you have to work and concentrate to be able to complete the level.
platform games
shoot em up games are in first person this is when a player gets a character who has to combat a large number of enemies at a time whilst dodging their fire sometimes these games come in the form of one on one combat.
shoot em up
these normally require the player to solve puzzles by interacting with people or the environment that surrounds them and because they put little pressure on the player then they appeal to people who are not used to playing video games.
adventure games
Joypad controllers
A joypad controller also known as a gamepad is held in both hands with thumbs and fingers used to put input into the main console. joypad's have many action input buttons and 1 or more multidirection sticks.
a joystick consists of a handheld stick that can be twisted in 2 axis or sometimes even a third the joystick is used for flight games and sometimes driving games.
sports games
sorts games are incredibly realisitic giving the player the options of playing the sport or focosing on the tactics behind the sport.
steering wheel
the steering wheel is most commonly used in driving arcade games as well as more recent racing simulators such as: Live for Speed, Grand Prix Ledgends and GTR2. The idea of the steering wheel is to give the player a realistic feeling of a racing car however this depends on how realistic the game simulator is. these often come with a set
of pedals like in a real car these pedals
are: brake, clutch and acceleration.
keyboard and mouse
A keyboard and a mouse are typical input devices for a personal computer and are currently the main game controllers for computer games. The mouse is often used with a mousepad to achieve greater speed, comfort, accuracy and smoother movement for the gamer.For games, the keyboard typically controls movement of the character while the mouse is used to control the game camera or used for aiming.
Microsoft Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Desktop 800
A touchscreen is an input device that allows the user to interact with the computer by touching the display screen.The first released console to use a touchscreen was the Tiger game.com in 1997. Nintendo popularized it for use in video games with the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS; other systems including the Tapwave Zodiac as well as Smartphones and the vast majority of PDAs have also included this feature.
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