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John A. Hillerich

No description

lizzy snook

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of John A. Hillerich

John A. "Bud" Hillerich
Researched and created by Lizzy Snook
Home Plate
The 5 W's
who: john A. bud hillerich
what: Louisville slugger
where: Louisville Kentucky
why: for the love of baseball
First Base
Who is John A. Hillerich
John A. Hillerish is the creator of as you all know the famous Louisville Slugger! At age 17, legend has it he had made a new baseball bat for a Louisville major league player and got three hits with this bat the next day.
Second Base!
What did he do?
John invited the MLB player to his father's shop to make him a new bat. He hand-crafted a new bat from a long slab of wood. That bat became very famous and is now still use in MLB games everywhere and little league teams as well!
Third Base
The Louisville slugger was created in no other then Kentucky Louisville its self!
Short Stop
In 1884 when John decided he wanted to help out a friend that soon became a profession.
Pitchers Mound
Bud created the bat to simply help a friend, after realizing that he has talent he started selling the bats and that started a carrier!
Left Field
Bud is from Louisville Kentucky, when he was only 17. Bud never really went to school it was all work work work. bud worked with his father from 1875-1880 then again in 1897 till his fathers death in 1919.
Center Field
where is he now...at Cave Hill Cemetery. before his death he sold almost one million bats a year!
Right Field
John A "Bud" Hillerich's work has inspired many young little league players to become something more. The Louisville Slugger has grown over the years and is still growing.
The Official Bat of Americas Past Time
Louisville Slugger History Promo
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