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What is culture?

No description

Brittany Redd

on 8 December 2015

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Transcript of What is culture?

Elements of Culture
Culture is a complex thing that is often difficult to define, but we are going to break it down into seven common elements.
Social Organization
Family patterns (nuclar vs. extended family)
Social classes (ranking people according to qualities that are valuable to the culture)
Customs and Traditions
Often a source of conflict between and within cultures
People who speak the same language often share the same culture.
Many societies include a large number of people who speak different languages.
Each language can have several different dialects.
What is culture?
Cultural Metaphors
Culture is a
It is hard to carry, but it provides
necessary things.
Culture is a
It is a fragile thing of great beauty.
Culture is a pair of
It takes away your freedom
and traps you.
Culture is a pair of
It helps you to see the world clearly.
Culture is
It can keep you alive or kill you.
Culture is a
It hides a person's true identity.
Today's Homework:
Write your own cultural metaphor and explain why you chose that metaphor. Think about what culture means to you.
Written and unwritten rules or practices
Arts and Literature
They are the products of the human imagination.
They help us pass on the culture’s basic beliefs.
Examples: art, music, literature, and folk tales

People form governments to provide for their common needs, keep order within society, and protect their society from outside threats.
Economic Systems
How people use and distribute limited resources
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