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Feudalism Vs. Chess

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Madi Hicks

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Feudalism Vs. Chess

Madi Hicks, Cole Weseman, Jordan Berggren, Amy Snegosky Feudilism Vs. Chess Feudalism was divided by your social class: SERFS -Were the bulk of the people who had the least amount of power.
-Did the most work that kept the society running smoothly.
-Did all this work in exchange for protection. The Game Pieces: LESSER LORDS -Owned smaller pieces of land NOBILITIES -Owned more land and had titles given to them by the king.
-Earned the titles and land by providing military service for the king. BISHOP -Leaders of the church KING -Highest holder of power during the middle ages. Chess Goal: Defeat the opponent king, without your king being captured in the process *The game of Chess requires the ability to predict your opponents next move and the strategies they use *King
*Pawn KING Differences: When talking about feudalism, the king has ultimate power, as for in chess the king really has no power at all, he is only allowed to move one space at a time, unless he has the assistance of the rook. Feudalism Vs. Chess Similarities: In society, if the king is captured the empire falls or in chess terms, the game ends. Queen Similarites: Can be put in more danger then the king, for protection reasons. Differences:
-The Queen is most valuable in chess and has a lot of power, but in feudalization the king has the most power as for the queen has little or none.
-In feudalism the queen can rule as a regent if she has sons. ROOK Similarites: The Rook represents the Castles and also symbolize protection. Differences: In Feudalism, the castles were made of stones and couldn't move, the royal family would remain in the castle until they surrendered. BISHOP Similarites: The Bishop represents the church. Between chess and feudalism, they both move between two sytems, the bishop moves between the secular world and the church. Differences:
-In feudalism, their power comes from Rome.
- Also in chess, their cast system is broken up in a different way.
- Chess includes protection of the castle and has the horses and knights. Feudalism really only focuses on the people rather then the objects. KNIGHT Similarites: In the feudal society they fought on horseback, which is where the head of the horse came from. Differences: In the fuedal society, the knight doesn't act on their own, they follow the act of the king. PAWN Similarites: The pawns represent the Serfs. They are at the bottom of the todem pole. Their are a lot of them and you can get rid of them without it being too big of a deal. Differences: In chess, the pawns can move more freely then most of the other pieces, as for when talking about fuedalism, the Serfs are bound to the land. CHESS VS FEUDALISM Similarities
Differences.. Feudalism Vs. Chess Fuedalism Vs. Chess Fuedalism Vs. Chess Fuedalism Vs. Chess Fuedalism Vs. Chess A system that divided power and land in Medieval Europe. FEUDALISM
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