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Shaft Mining and Open Pit Mining

No description

Victoria Smith

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Shaft Mining and Open Pit Mining

Open Pit Mining and Shaft Mining Where are some shaft mines? What kinds of minerals can be found in shaft mines? What is the process of shaft mining? Open Pit Mining There are several shaft mines in Canada. A few include:a shaft mine in Nova Scotia which has coal in it. There is the Simpson Mine shaft in Bruce Mines, ON, which has copper. There is a mine in Goderich, ON which has road salt. The minerals that are known to be found are coal, gold, copper, silver, iron, zinc, nickel, tin, lead, and sometimes, but rarely, diamonds. The ocean and some lakes have huge amounts of mineral elements in them. The miners get these mineral elements by pumping the water into plants. The equipment that the miners use is taken through the man shaft and into the mine. Shaft Mining What is shaft mining? Shaft mining is a vertical or sloping passageway made in the earth for finding or mining ore and ventilating underground excavations. Mining is usually referred to as meaning an operation in which minerals are physically taken out of the earth. Interesting Facts About Shaft Mining. Shaft mines hold the record for being the deepest mines in the world. Although there are mine shafts all around the world, most shaft mines are located in South Africa because it has so many diamond and gold deposits. In 2003, the deepest mine was the East Rand mine at 3585 m, but as technology becomes more advanced, and the search for natural resources continues, mines will continue to deepen. The Simpson Mine Shaft The Simpson Mine Shaft is in Bruce Mines, ON. In 1848 the Simpson Mine Shaft was many of the shaft mines that was being worked in. In 1962, after they had restored the shaft, it was officially presented to the public. There was a shop that was displaying artifacts of the original mining days. The Simpson Mine Shaft was one of many chosen for restoration because of accessibility and cost efficiency. The mine was 30 m deep, but was originally 15 m deep, as it was deepened. Where are some open - pit mines? What minerals can be found in open - pit mines? What is the process of open - pit mining? Interesting Facts About Open - Pit Mining The Diavik Diamond Mine is in Northwest Territories and it is 220 km from the Arctic Circle (North Pole). The only way to the mine is an ice road so you can only get there in the winter. To keep the water from getting in the mine, they built a dike from the extra stone that the mined. The area of the mine is 7 kmsq. What is open - pit mining? Open pit mining is a part of surface mining, it is the cheapest way to mine, too. Before they start to dig, they know exactly what they are going to mine and what it costs. They dig layers until the rocks or minerals are shown, and this creates a big hole. Sometimes they use explosives if they want to get big blocks for material form of the earth. When they are done with the pit they use it as a land fill, then when the land fill is full they put a layer of dirt on top of it, then the land can be used again. There are many open pit mines in Canada such as; Diavik Diamond Mine in Northwest Territories, Colomac Mine in Northwest Territories, and High Valley Copper Mine in British Columbia. There are many minerals in an open pit mine such as; copper, gold, diamond, clay, coal, sand, sand stone and marble. Before they start to dig in the area, they have chosen, they know exactly what they are going to find and they know exactly where it is. Then, they start to dig, but they don't dig all at once, they dig in layers. They keep digging until the minerals and rocks are shown, and then they dig until there is nothing left to dig up. After they are finished they use the hole as a land fill and when the land fill is full, then they top if with a layer of dirt. Open pit mines are the cheapest ways to mine. They can be reused over and over again. There are two purposes to an open pit mine (using it to find minerals and using it as a land fill) Diavik Diamond Mine THE
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