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Ender's Game Analysis

Examining the novel, Ender's Game. We will take a closer look at key characters and their relationships, themes, settings and a plot graph.

Hannah Portch

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Ender's Game Analysis

Ender's Game Made by: Hannah Portch Ender's Game Key Characters and their Relationships Ender Wiggin Ender is the main character in this novel. He is the protagonist and develops greatly as he goes through many journeys. He realizes during his training to fight the buggers, that his real enemies are the adults who are always tricking and manipulating him. Even though they are trying to keep Ender isolated, he manages to make friends, and defeat the buggers. Mazer Rackham Peter Wiggin - Locke Valentine Wiggin -Demosthenes Colonel Graff Bean Stilson Bonzo Madrid Dink Meeker Alai Valentine is a sweet innocent girl, who is very intelligent and comforting. She acts like the mother figure toward Ender and is very protective of him. She has the ability to find what people like most about themselves and complement them on it. Valentine also almost fears control and doesn't want to have the power to persuade people. When Ender leaves, Peter manipulates her into creating a made up character, named, Demosthenes. Through this bonding, she becomes closer with Peter, she realizes that he does have a kind heart. Peter Wiggin is a aggressive and power hungry character. He wants to kill and be superior over the world. Peter is constantly trying to be better then Ender. He loves control and is constantly craving it. You could argue that Peter is the antagonist in this story. Valentine protects Ender from Peter when Ender was younger. Peter also devises a plan to gain control and respect. To do so he creates a fake character named, Locke. He also uses his manipulation skills to get Valentine to join the plan. Bonzo is a very physical and violent character in this novel. In my opinion, Bonzo is jelous of Ender. Ender got moved up to Bonzo's army when he should have still been with the launchies. Bonzo reacted by setting Ender straight and explained that Ender will never fight in his battles. Later, he threatened Ender, forcing Ender to have to protect himself, which resulted in Bonzo's death. Colonel Graff starts off seaming like a pleasant and welcoming guy. He is the man that takes Ender from his home and brings him to battle school. Although, at this point in the story Colonel Graff appeared a friend to Ender. Later on in the story you find out that Graff is the head of battle and command school. He is the master of manipulation and tricks Ender into everything that pushed Ender to his full potential. He also controls him and plans his future. Bean is much like Ender and is only introduced near the end of the book. Bean is apart of Ender's army and plays almost the same role that Ender played in his first army. Even though Ender swore that he would never repeat certian things that Bonzo did to him, he finds himself doing exactly that out of frustration. Bean's character proves Ender what he is doing is wrong and gets him back to his normal state. Mazer Rackham is the one person that has defeated the buggers in the first and second invasion, making him a hero to many. Once Ender arrives in command school, he finds himself with Mazer as his trainer. Mazer is very skilled and knows all the tricks of the buggers, although he is very deceptive himself and is able to trick Ender into defeating the buggers without him even knowing. Alai is one of Ender's best friend. He became friends with him in the launchie group one practice, and they got closer and closer. Once the IF thought that they were to good of friends, they had to stick to their rule, and isolated Ender. So, Ender got moved to another army. Although Ender and Alai still saw each other and eventually worked together to defeat the buggers. Stilson was the school bully, who tormented Ender because he was a Third. Stilson wasn't a major character but he did develop who Ender was as a person. One specific fight after school, really showed Ender's character well. This fight took place right after Ender had got his monitor off. Ender had to protect himself and went a little extreme to ensure that Stilson will never bug him again and to end all wars with a win. This also made Ender realize that some of his actions reflect Peter's and he did not want to be like Peter. Dink was Ender's toon leader and Ender and Dink became friends throughout practices. Dink explained some of his realizations to Ender and gave Ender the idea that the adults are the real enemies, not the buggers and how he will never let the adults run his life anymore than they already have. Over time, Dink stood up for Ender and would try to protect him. For example, in the bathroom when Ender and Bonzo were going to fight, Dink was the one who attempted to rescue Ender. Overall, they also worked together to eventually kill the buggers. Ender's Family Ender's Friends Ender's Enemies Ender's Trainers The Buggers The buggers are the enemy to the human race through out the majority of the book. Ender's mission is to defeat their race so they do not defeat the human's first. During Ender's training, it is brought to his attention that the buggers are not the real enemies, but the manipulating adults are. Then, at the end of the book, Ender realizes that the buggers meant no harm, and Ender now feels bad for destroying them. To repay them, Ender keeps a buggers egg so their population can grow once again, starting from that queen bee. Themes Control Survival Guilt Power Manipulation Isolation Redemption Love Ender's Game presents control in so many ways through out the book:
People who control Ender:
1. IF --> The IF has the ability to control how many kids each family has, and they have the control to take Ender away from his family without his parents consent.
2. The adults within the IF --> The adults in battle school, control Ender's entire life while he is there. They always change the rules and control Ender to follow them so he is pushed to his best ability.
3. Peter --> Can control Ender as much as he wants while Ender is on Earth because he is in fear of Peter. Peter also craves control which is why he creates Locke and Demothenes.
4. Valentine --> She has control over Ender in a way because she has the power to persuade him. For example, Valentine wrote a letter to Ender and even though he knew it was fake, he still obeyed it. Another example would be when she persuaded him to go kill the buggers for her.
5. Bonzo --> Bonzo tried to take control over Ender, and succeeded at one point. Then Ender took control for himself and broke Bonzo's rules. He also proved to Bonzo he has the control in their relationship, by winning a fight. Guilt occurred many times. Most often when Ender got ahead of himself, and injured someone badly when he didn't mean to. For example, when he killed either Stilson, Bonzo, or when he killed the giant in the computer game. Many times, Ender naturally defended himself and then after would reflect on it and feel guilty. Ender would feel this way because he felt bad that he had hurt these people. He also felt like he was becoming Peter, which he did not like. Almost every character in the novel, wanted power. The IF wanted power over everyone so they could create the strongest and best bugger-fighting team. All the kids in the battle school wanted power so people would fear them and they would get chosen to fight the buggers. The commanders obviously wanted power so their army would listen to them. Most importantly, Peter wanted power. He was constantly craving it so he could rule the world. In order to get power, he created Locke and Demosthenes. This theme basically arose because of the IF's plan to get Ender at the best he can be. What they did was isolate him so that Ender wouldn't make any friendships or feelings for anyone. This made him tougher. If Ender had made friends, by the time he made it to command school he wouldn't want to boss his friends around, or if he broke down someone, like what happened to Petra, he would be soft to the others so he wouldn't want hurt them either. This was a majour theme in the book, Ender's Game. All of the adults in the book manipulated the children in battle school. They told them lies and forced them to do dangerous things. Dink Meeker said that the adults were the real enemies. Which was true, they had everything planned out and the kids were just a piece of their puzzle and had no idea what the IF was planning. Redemption occurs throughout the book but mainly at the end. Ender feels terrible for killing off the entire bugger population because he realized that they meant no harm to the humans. In return, Ender redeemed himself by saving the future queen bee egg so that the bugger population could grow once again. In the story, everybody is fighting to survive. The story basically revolves around this theme. The buggers are assumed to be trying to kill the human race, so the IF try to train and find the best child to keep the human race alive. Then in battle and command school everyone is fighting to be the best, so everyone is trying to survive the challenges and not get iced out of the school. Then, in the last battle, Ender and his army are battling for survival against the buggers. Finally, Ender then helps the bugger population stay alive by keeping the last egg. This theme is a little more difficult to find, but is there through examination. When translated, the planet that command school existed on, means cupid. This is very ironic because so much violence occurs on that planet. Also, Valentine's name is a love term and the reason that Valentine wasn't chosen to fight the buggers is because she is too loving. Plot Graph Element Climax In this novel, Ender's Game, I believe that the climax is the final fight where Ender defeats the Buggers, once and for all. I think this because this is what the story has been leading up to, and although most readers don't know it is the final brawl, it still has the same effect. This part keeps people on their toes because the characters surrounding Ender are all tense and creating stress in the environment. The entire battle is very descriptive and interesting. After this the falling action takes place. Settings Ender's home and school This is where the story starts off. He is at school to begin, and then the story also talks about Ender at home. From there it mostly follows Ender to his new destinations, but sometimes still refers to this home when talking about Peter and Valentine. Peter and Valentine's new home When the story goes back and explains what Valentine and Peter are doing, the story describes the two kids moving into a new home. This is another setting in the overall story. Spacecraft This spacecraft is the rocket ship that take all new members to the battle school. Battle School Cabin Games Room Cafeteria The Giant's Drink Battle Room Eros - Command School This room consists of many bunk beds where the boys sleep. Each bed has a safe beside it where they keep their battle clothes. This is a place where you can practice and warm up your brain. It has many different activities you can play to do so. This is obviously where the students eat. The command leaders have a separate room to sit in. In the beginning, Ender didn't have very many friends and had to sit alone. Also, when he first became a command leader he ended up sitting alone again, until he started winning all of his battles, then many people were listening to his strategies. This is a game that Ender plays on his desk. Ender eventually goes beyond any other kid in the game and experiences many strange and weird things. Since no child has every gone as far as Ender in the game, Graff explains that the computer must be making it up as it goes along. This room is where all the practices are held between armies, as well as battles against armies. Ender also takes the initiative to run his own practices everyday after dinner with his former army members, the launchies. He teaches them everything he learns in his regular practices. Eros is the planet that used to be where the buggers live, but the humans took over it in one of the invasions so they now built a command school on it. This is where advanced soldiers go to seriously train to defeat the buggers. Although while Ender was here, he was tricked the whole time into actually fighting the buggers when he didn't even know.
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