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An Elementary Classroom in the 21st Century


Jen Deyenberg

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of An Elementary Classroom in the 21st Century

GO Connect
Create ? $ By: Jennifer
Deyenberg Monopoly icons fromhttp://www.worldofmonopoly.com/ An Elementary Classroom in the 21st Century
bit.ly/atleprimary ? ? Rent: Edublogs, Kidblogs, Wordpress, Blogger

With 1 House - Medium

With 2 Houses - Audience

With 3 Houses - Feedback

With 4 Houses - Impact

Students love to share and reflect, give them a voice! Blogging Connect Changing Text Video Conference Play X Box Geocaching Create Rent: Skype

With 1 House - Experts

With 2 Houses - Learn about the world

With 3 Houses - Timezones

With 4 Houses - Extends the Walls Rent: Kinect Rent: GPS Rent: Hands On Rent: Digital Tools With 1 House - Kinectimals

With 2 Houses - Wild Cats

With 3 Houses - Care, play, Counting

With 4 Houses - Endangered Species, Camouflague With 1 House - Virtual Treasure Hunt

With 2 Houses - Latitude and Longitude

With 3 Houses - Travel Bugs

With 4 Houses - Containers and Design Think Blog


Video Game Creation


Changing Nature of Text www.trailsoptional.com Rent: Priceless

With 1 Blog

With 2 Wikis

With 3 Tweets

With 4 Videoconferences or Skype

Students reach beyond the wall of the classroom Rent: Wikispaces

With 1 House - Collaboration

With 2 Houses - Writing Together

With 3 Houses - Audience and Feedback

Create a collective text and build content, together! Wikis Rent: Microblog

With 1 House - Instant Data

With 2 Houses - Backchannel Twitter Rent: Fun

With 1 X Box

With 2 Wiis

With 3 Nintendo DS

With 4 Geocaching

Students playing and bringing real world tools to bring joy and simulation to their learning Nintendo DS Wii Games Design Multimedia http://www.trailsoptional.com/2011/10/wikis-and-writingfortunately-unfortunately/ http://sandbox.trailsoptional.com/?cat=10 http://jendeyenberg.edublogs.org/page/2/ http://www.trailsoptional.com/2010/08/using-twitter-in-the-classroom/ http://www.trailsoptional.com/2010/05/science-experiments-via-video-conference/ http://www.trailsoptional.com/2010/01/around-the-world-8-videoconferences-in-1-night/ With 1 House - Nintendogs

With 2 Houses - Scribblenauts

With 3 Houses - Professor Layton

With 4 Houses - Brain Training Rent: Collaborative,
Problem Solving Rent: Active Learning With 1 House - Endless Ocean

With 2 Houses - Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics

With 3 Houses - Wii Sports

With 4 Houses - Brain Training http://www.trailsoptional.com/2012/03/ordering-and-comparing-decimals-with-mario-and-sonic/ IWB With 1 House - Interactive for Students

With 2 Houses - Small Group Discovery

With 3 Houses - Jeopardy

With 4 Houses - Games Rent: Students Games Rent: Fun

With 1 Jenga

With 2 Apples 2 Apples

With 3 Head Bandz

With 4 Two Truths and a Lie

Students playing and bringing real world tools to bring joy and simulation to their learning http://www.trailsoptional.com/tag/nintendo-ds/ http://www.trailsoptional.com/tag/kinectimals/ http://www.trailsoptional.com/tag/geocaching-2/ http://www.trailsoptional.com/2011/12/why-i-love-my-iwb/ With 1 House - Video

With 2 Houses - Audio

With 3 Houses - Think

With 4 Houses - Collaborate With 1 House - Kodu

With 2 Houses - Scratch

With 3 Houses -Scribblenauts
Wario Ware DYI

With 4 Houses - Unity/UDK

With Hotel - Marvin, Alice, Greenfoot With 1 House - What is Writing

With 2 Houses - Lure of the Labryinth

With 3 Houses - Inanimate Alice

With 4 Houses - Changing Writing Process Rent: Creativity Unleashed Rent: Digital Tools http://jendeyenberg.edublogs.org/2010/01/15/podcast-episode-6-math/ http://kidswhothink.blogspot.ca/ http://animoto.com/play/4Uy1bM1eNOr12SUtcBOzJQ http://animoto.com/play/2ua55yYEwp9uPBt93xxd1Q http://www.inanimatealice.com/ http://labyrinth.thinkport.org/www/index.php http://www.trailsoptional.com/2012/07/digital-writing-tools/ http://www.trailsoptional.com/2010/01/backchanneling-with-grade-5/
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