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Oliver Twist And The Industrial Revolution

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Adithya Manoj

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Oliver Twist And The Industrial Revolution

Oliver Twist And The Industrial Revolution
Different crimes had different punishments and the 3 main ones were stealing,murder and rape.Major crimes usually would lead to Transportation(shipping criminals to different places in the colony)
Crime-Oliver Twist
Oliver Twist is a good example of what crime was like during the Industrial Revolution. It showed us how the poor tried their best to survive though it can't be considered as an amazing representation.
How does Oliver Twist represent T.I.R
Oliver Twist is a primary example of life of the poor during the Victorian age and what people did to survive. Charles Dickens uses the story of Oliver to describe some of the Issues faced during T.I.R
Child Labour
During The Industrial Revolution most 24%(approximate) of the workforce in factories were children. This was so because children were easily manipulatable and it was easy to control them. Another advantage was that children worked more for less money. 23-24% of profits for factory owners came from them having to pay less for wages.
Child Labour
Oliver Twist-Child Labour
Oliver Twist is not a good representations of child labour. It shows what orphaned childern did and how they worked but it did not show the extent of dangers and their hardships
In Conclusion...
Oliver Twist is quite a good representation of The Industrial Revolution but not exactly a hundred percent.The Storyline is more focused on how Oliver deals with his troubles rather than what exactly was The Industrial revolution
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