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Female Slaves of Ancient Rome

No description

Tayla Watson

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Female Slaves of Ancient Rome

What the life of a female slave in ancient Rome was like. Female Slaves of Ancient Rome. Women of Ancient Rome were often abandoned as babies or young girls, sometimes these children were taken by dealers and sold into slavery. If the man of the house went to far into debt, him and the rest of his family were sold into slavery in orde to pay off their debts. If a girl were to born whilst her mother was a slave then the girl would also become a slave. How did these women even become slaves in the first place? In order for a female slave to be released from slavery she must have had means to support herself, in other words, she must have a male companion being freed with her. How did these women get out of slavery? The jobs that the female slaves were expected to do all depended on the wealth of their owner. If their owner was extremely wealthy they'd be part of a group so they'd only have one specific task to do, such as sweep the kitchens. If their owner was middle class there'd be a couple of slaves so she may have a few different jobs. However, if their owner was someone from the working class they'd have several because there'd only be one slave.
Female slaves were only allowed to domestic work in wealthy families but because they had no rights they were also subject to the whims of their predatory masters.
Slaves belonging to farmers or people of the working class were expected to everything, even farm labour although it was uncommon for a woman. What kind of jobs did these female slaves have to do? The female slaves of Ancient Rome were expected to appear orderly and obedient whether they were doing domestic work or being a gladiator. The importance of being compliant was even more so with a female slave because of the fact that they were a woman and in Ancient Rome, women had no rights and no say. These women in slavery were also expected to have a 'union' with another male slave. What was expected of a female slave in terms of presentation, demeanor, etc.? The female slaves of Ancient Rome had no rights whatsoever because they were not only a slave but they were also a woman. Whilst a man in slavery could be freed and then leave of his own accord, a woman must first have a man to leave with. The women were also subject to their masters whilst the men weren't.
However, like all other slaves, females were allowed to wear the clothes they were given rather than the same clothes as every other person in the same position. Women were also allowed unions with the male slaves, however, it was illegal for them to marry until they were both freed.
Once a slave was freed, they were not actual civilians, they were simply 'freedmen' and 'freedwomen'. What rights did the female slaves of Ancient Rome have? How were the female slaves of Ancient Rome treated compared to the female slaves of other Ancient Civilastions? The female slaves of Ancient Egypt were treated a lot better than the slaves of many other Ancient civilizations as well the poor people of their own country.
A woman could pay a temple to become a servant rather than a slave.
If a woman were to be abducted and sold into slavery the owner of the slave in question could be informed, take the slave back to the dealer, demand that the slave's family come collect her and give the buyer a full refund. Female slaves of Ancient Egypt In Greece women in general were far more disadvantaged than the Roman women because of the Greek social hierarchy.
The treatment of the slave not only depended on the master but also on the status of the slave.
Greek female slaves were prohibited to have children and do any work other than domestic duties. Female Slaves of Ancient Greece The Egyptian slaves had a lot more rights and were treated far better than the slaves of Ancient Rome but the female slaves of Greece had a lot less rights than that of the Roman female slaves. In comparison... A video on Slavery in Ancient Rome.
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