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Semi Colon

No description

Sophie Ayres

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Semi Colon

By Sophie and Rebekah
What is a Semi-Colon?
A Semi Colon is stronger than a comma and weaker than a period
Examples #1
Examples #2
Examples #3
There are three different ways to use a Semi-Colon
1. Use a Semi-Colon between two sentences that are very closely related
2. Use a Semi-Colon before "however" and similar words (these are called conjunctive adverbs) that show a relationship between two complete sentences
3. Use a Semi-Colon between clauses or phrases that contain a lot of commas
Good: I have ice cream for dessert every night; my favorite flavor is chocolate.

Bad: I hardly ever read; my dogs name is Hector.
GOOD: I hardly ever exercise; consequently, I get fat.

BAD: I watched a movie last night, meanwhile; my brother took my dog for a walk.

GOOD: Megan's favorite fruits are peaches, grapes and pears; Josh's favorite fruits are oranges, grapefruits and mangoes; Savannah's favorite fruits are strawberry's, apples and pineapples.

BAD: Laura's favorite movies are Finding Nemo and Peter Pan, Jenna's favorite movies are Man of Steel and The Dark Knight Rises, Cameron's favorite movies are Star Wars and Bugs Life.
How to remember

A period is the strongest.
A comma is the weakest.
A semi-colon is in between.
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