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Million Dollar Project!!!

No description

frankie stein

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Million Dollar Project!!!

Million Dollar Project!!!
Task 2: House
We were told to purchase a house and I purchased one with 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. It is in Los Angeles California and it costs $219,013 for it. The address is 209 W 105th Street.
Task 3:Vacation
We were told to pick a spot for a vacation. I chose Lake Michigan.My mom,32,dad,35,Charles,11,Gabriel,6, Andrew,5,Grayson,2,and me,13 will be attending.It will cost 4,210 dollars.
Task 1 : College
I was supposed to choose a college to attend and I chose Berklee College of Music. When I grow up I'm looking to be a singer. It costs 65,260$ for everything I need plus cost of attendance. If I become a singer I will have to attend for 6 years.
Task 5: Charitable Donation
We were told to make a donation to some people in need. I researched St.Jude,Feed the Children,and project night,night.I chose St. Jude because I know that a lot of children are dieing because of sicknesses and I want to help these children.I'm donated $500,000.
We were told to add up how much we money is left and buy extra things with the left over money and I had 485,001$ left. With that I bought:
1. A bean bag chair:$25
2. Boat:$2,750
3. Shed:$1,160
4. bed: $629;$219
5. Garbo sofa:$700;lounge chair:$519
6.table with chairs:$316
7.coffee table:$277
Extras cont.
Extras cont.
8. Gazebo:$2,587.02
9. pet adoption:rebel,500.00
10. savings account: $0 I'm putting $174,000 in there.
11. four-wheeler:$113
12.dog bed:39.99

Task 4: Vehicle
Pictures of my extra stuff
Task 7: Extras
We were told to pick a vehicle to drive and I picked the Silverado HD. It cost 25,260 dollars.It can hold 5 people and it is blue.
Pictures continued
Thats all folks
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