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BMAR211 - SU1

No description

Re-an Muller

on 1 March 2016

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Transcript of BMAR211 - SU1

Introduction to services
What are services?
economic activities
whose output is
not a physical product or construction

Services and Technology
Potential for new service offerings
Services vs. Goods
Study Unit 1 (Chapter 1)
R. Müller
BMAR 211
Expanded marketing mix
for services
Traditional marketing mix
All hard work brings a profit,
but mere talk leads only to poverty.
Proverbs 14:23
in forms that are essentially
concerns of its first purchaser.
is generally
at the
time it is produced
Services directed at
people’s bodies
Service industries & companies
Tangibility spectrum
Services directed at people’s
intangible possessions
Services directed at
people’s minds
Services directed at people’s
tangible possessions
and provides
added value

Service dominant logic
Customer service
Services as products,
Services as experiences
The paradoxes and dark side of technology and service
The Internet is a service
Extending the global reach of services
Enabling both customers and employees
New ways to deliver service
The services triangle
Challenges for service marketers
Defining and improving quality
Designing and testing new services
Communicating and maintaining a consistent image
Accommodating fluctuating demand
Motivating and sustaining employee commitment
Coordinating marketing, operations, and human resource efforts
Setting prices
Finding a balance between standardization versus personalization
Ensuring the delivery of consistent quality
+ People
+ Physical evidence
+ Process
Products are valued for the service they provide
Types of corporate names
Overt names
reveal what the company does.
Implied names
imply what the company is about.
Types of corporate names
names imply the essence of the brand (Evokes a vision)
Iconoclastic names
do not reflect the company‘s goods or services
What is a logo?
Key aspects to a Unique Logo
Group 3 - 5 students
Advertising Agency specializing in service marketing
Think of a name for you advertising agency
Design six logos
for your business
Name of ad agency
Group members
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