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Copy of Copy of Moser Baer Solar

Technology Strategy

Bilal Hassan

on 26 April 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Moser Baer Solar

Solar Value Creation
Value Capture What roles do standards (Access & Control), platforms, ecosystem, and network effects (Tipping & Winner‐Take‐All) play in how value is captured in your firm/industry?
Partnerships Standards Production Value Net Uniqueness Low Cost Quality Network and Platform Effects not important in PV Business S Curves for Renewable Technologies Technological Change Founder A Company which kept Pace with
Technology So Technology Strategy
is Critical here

Introduction And
Then Products Amorphous silicon
Thin-film modules Wafer-based
Multicrystalline silicon
Modules Potential for different PV Technologies Technology Adoption In India, utility specific feeding tariffs enforced PV deployment in this segment.
In Germany, common incentives resulted in shift of all segments in favor of PV.
Incentive free areas. Michael Porter’s Five Forces Competitive Analysis
Value Delivery Business Strategy Long Term Growth Strong Focus on Cost Reduction Ambidextrous Nature Collaboration with
Competitors Limited in PV industry where module manufacturers have very limited collaboration Co-Evolving Inter departmental co-evolving not viable However, collaboration could be possible in forthcoming technologies in form of alliances. Thank You!
Different Available Technologies PV material-specific
natural technological limits
Segments: Utilities, Residential and Commercial After Sales
Support Network Future Scenario Large Chinese manufacturers strengthening their position further through economies of scale
Suntech Power (1. in the world ranking of 2011)
Yingli Solar (3.)
Trina Solar (4.)
Canadian Solar (5.)
Hanwha SolarOne (8.)
Jinko Solar (9.)

Moser Baer’s solution
Technological diversification
Strong presence in the Indian market
Low-cost thin-film manufacturers imposing a disruptive threat to the wafer-based silicon modules
First Solar (CdTe)
Solar Frontier (CIS)
Moser Baer’s solution
Technological diversification
products representing both wafer-based and thin-film technologies
Manufacturing facilities in India
low labour costs
One of India’s largest manufacturers
economies of scale
Synergies between different business units
economies of scope
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