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AP Psychology Current Events

A psychological breakdown of the attack on the US. embassy in Egypt.

Ellis Juan

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of AP Psychology Current Events

AP Psychology Current Events What Happened? Why is it important? What does this have to do with Psychology? Any future predictions? The events in Egypt help us understand the social-cultural approach to psychology:
A firm adherence to religious respect within Islam caused this group to be insulted by the movie.
Growing up within an extreme Islamic culture, many view it as their duty to physically demonstrate their opposition to any action which degrades their religion.
Living in any type of society, one adopts its values and convictions overtime through education and human/media interaction.

The past events which happened on September 11 2001 (9/11) have also affected the US. psychologically . Since the events in Cairo happened on the anniversary of 9/11 , “cross-cultural” differences could leave the US. in a state of tension and anger.
many negative impacts may last on both countries, and their anger towards each other may also rise as the time passes. Key point: our behaviors/thought processes are heavily influenced when we attach ourselves to extreme religious views. ey point: different cultures react differently to certain events and practices. This could just be the beginning; it could lead to more protests and riots
Tension between U.S. and Egypt
Questioning the extent to the right of free speech and its limits arning U.S. of the potential danger that they could encounter with their content
Offended Muslims by showing disrespect towards who they worship
They are upset by our ridiculing of their beliefs How to ease the psychological tension: We should be more careful about the content that we expose to prevent any feelings of hostility since we may not believe the same things they do, and since our cultures are very different.
An apology on our behalf could assist in easing the tension, or a clarification on the intentions of the video if it was not meant to be disrespectful in any way. This Tuesday in Cairo there were highly offended protesters at the US. embassy. The reason for the demonstrations was that an American made "movie" had degraded the Prophet Mohammad (Islamic Religious Figure). Many protesters even climbed the walls of the Embassy Humanistic Approach: How does their environment play into the Egyptian's reactions? The current environment in Egypt is one of political/cultural confusion.
Social conditions do not currently provide for the "needs" of Egyptians
In order for the inherently "good sides" of the human race to show, one's environment has to be completely stable Video: K W Citation: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/09/11/us-egypt-usa-protest-idUSBRE88A11N20120911
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