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Science Pro

Wind Farms in Southern Ontario

sarah s

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Science Pro

Economic Benefits & Negative Impacts Aboriginal Perspectives Negative impacts of Wind Power on the Community To The Company Wind Farms in Southern Ontario One example of a negative impact of wind power on the community, is right here in London. Homeowners close to wind turbines have seen much of there property value plunge. Sellers in the future could even find their homes to be worth nothing. Industrial wind turbines have become a huge downfall for many in Ontario, with about 1200 of the often-unwanted turbines now in operation. The province has signed deals that will more than double that number in the next couple of years. Five homes in that area had been bought by a wind farm developer, (Canadian Hydro Developments) at fair market value. The company
later put those houses back on the market and
they sold for an average loss of 38%, one home
even bought for 58.5% less! Other taxpayers in
the community with wind turbines can expect to
see their taxes go up to make up for the
dropping property value of the homes in the wind
turbine area. A wind farm is a group of wind turbines in one area that's purpose is to create electrical energy out of wind turbulence. There are 15 large wind farms in Canada and about half of them are in Ontario. Wind farms have many positive and negative effects, but there is no doubt that they play an important role in creating energy for Southern Ontario. To The Employees By:
Jessica, and
Teamar Wind farms create many economic benefits to a company, like job openings. It's estimated that in 2006 the Canadian wind industry created jobs for 3785 people. These jobs give people a reason to move to their place of business, and the more employees there are the more wind turbines are being put up; which means the company gets more money. The negative impacts that affect these companies are that wind farms bring down property values, because not that many people want to live in an area where they wake up to the sight and sound of wind farms practically next door. With thousands of wind turbines out there, the wind energy industry would need thousands of workers. Companies need people to construct, maintain, and operate wind turbines. But a negative impact of this job is the number of casualties. Many people meet their ends through falls or becoming caught in the machinery while performing maintenance inside the turbines housing. The good thing about the wind industry is it creates many long and short term jobs for a variety of people. Wind industries need people to be surveyors and meteorologists to structural engineers. Wind energy creates 30% more jobs than a coal plant, which means that more
people have jobs to support their families. Negative Impacts & Economic Benefits
To Ontario Some aboriginal perspectives are that the First Nations have about half of the 240-million dollars that wind farms make in Canada. The Bow Lake Wind farm on the first nations land, declared to place about 36 turbines on the provincial crown land. These new turbines will be bringing in some new things to the land but it's causing trouble for the aboriginal groups that still inhabit the area. The court ignored the Aboriginal rights and on six nations lands, an energy company is proposing to place more turbines on it. Port Dover's granted and injunction from the four shutdowns and work continues on the energy's 890 acre-Port Dover's wind project. Six nations lands currently have land claims filed with the court. Justice. C Stephen Glithero has granted Capital Power. There are many economic benefits to having wind farms in Southern Ontario. For one thing we get free fuel, unlike most forms of energy that have to shipped to a processing plant. Wind power creates electricity at the source, since wind is everywhere it does not need to be mined or transported, meaning that Ontario doesn't have to pay the expenses of shipping it to a designated area. Some negative impacts of wind power to Ontario is erosion, the construction on wind turbines requires large and heavy equipment, this disturbs the area around the wind farm site and makes erosion to the area a possibility. Another negative impact is that wind farms are not the most reliable when looking for a stable source of electrical income, because wind turbines only create energy when the wind blows. So some days Ontario is making less money from wind turbines than on other days Economic Benefits
To Canada Some economic benefits of wind farms to Canada are the support wind power gives to the economic growth of our country. An example of this was in 2006 when Canada's Gross Domestic Product grew by 1.6 billion dollars thanks to the wind industry. Also Canada benefits from wind farms because it produces power for over 200 houses/wind farm, this kind of power will replace 900 000 kilograms of coal that we can use for other purposes, this will keep money in our country's pocket. And Canada's annual greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by 2000 tonnes, this has the same effect as taking 417 cars of the road or planting 10 000 trees, Negative Impacts
To Canada A big negative impact of wind turbines to Canada is the belief that they promote bad health. An article from the British Columbia News reported that "Some people living near wind farms in northeastern B.C. say their health has been negatively impacted by the turbines." And many scientific studies support these complaints. Gary Levesque lives just outside of
Dawson Creek,British Columbia and has wind turbines
near his home and he says "As soon as they got up
and running, my blood pressure went up, my wife has
migraine headaches and she and my daughter suffer
from depression." Complaints like these cause people
to move which causes a decline in the general
population of the area, this means less money is being
made there, lowering it's and Canada's economic value.
Economic Benefits To the World Wind turbines don't only reside in Southern Ontario, but all over the world. In fact Canada is one of the countries that is lagging behind in the race for wind power, and with so many other countries that represent the world as wind power leaders like Germany, Spain, and the wind power king the United States. Canada isn't getting the same economic prizes that they and their advanced renewable energy technology are, but some thing that Southern Ontario has that the other countries don't is space. Canada has acres and acres of untouched shoreline by lakes and oceans that are perfect places to place wind turbines. The economic benefits of doing this is the more wind turbines are put up the more money is made, wind farms
are already a multi-billion dollar industry that has already hit a
price gain of $60 billion in 2008 and has created 550 000 jobs
world wide. Wind turbines used to be thought of as expensive, but
now over the last two decades the price has decreased considerably
due to the fact that the workers have more experience at building
and maintaining them. Economically all the countries that
participate in the wind power industry have benefited greatly the
ever growing increase in profit that wind power produces. Negative Impacts To the World While wind turbines are said to be the most eco friendly source of power income, that doesn't mean that wind power doesn't create problems for the global community. Some even say that one major disadvantage of wind farms is that they affect the land around them, researchers from New York looked at 10 years of satellite data from wind farms in Texas (they chose Texas because it has the four largest wind farms in the world). And what they found suggested that the night time temperatures of areas with high levels of wind turbines rise by about 1.3 degrees Fahrenheit than areas with no wind farms. During the evening the
land is supposed to be in the process of cooling, but because of the constant turbulence
from the wind farms the land isn't able to cool off. If this problem continues what does this
mean for the future of wind turbines/farms. Another negative impact on the world thanks
to wind turbines is the loss of birds, approximately 20 000 - 37 000 birds die in the
United States alone. Most birds of prey are already on the verge of extinction and wind
turbines have the power and the height to be able to reach up into their territory, this leads
to the killing and maiming of birds that are already a dieing species. Economic Benefits on the Community How Wind Turbines
Interact With Ecosystems Unlike other energy sources like fossil fuels and nuclear power sources, wind power doesn't need any fuel and does not emit any air pollution. This allows the sustainability of the birds and bats in the area to stay alive and in good health with clean air. Unfortunately wind turbines create problems for ecosystems that involve birds of prey like hawks and eagles, these birds hunt near this area and wind farms endanger the sustainability of their species. With
the increase in bird fatalities there will and is an increase in
animals like fish, lizards, and insects which may or may not be
beneficial to the community they live in. Wind farms/turbines
are usually placed in areas that have already been impacted by
land clearing, so the land can still be used for farming and not
disturb cattle or other barnyard animals, this shows that wind
turbines don't affect a farm land community at all. In some
instances wind turbines/farms affect a ecosystem greatly but
other times the different populations that make up that
ecosystem just adapt to the new changes. THE END! We hope you enjoyed our Prezi!!! There are many different Economic Benefits that Wind
power brings to the community. Wind power provides an
alternate source of income for land owners. It provides
new jobs and opportunities for people in the community.
This includes the construction phase of building the wind farm, and long term jobs in maintaining it. Wind farms can also be objects of interest to man,through tourism for the local community. Some wind farms even get over 60 000 visits a year! Some advantages that come along with this new found tourism include the additions of restaurants, clubs, hangouts, etc, to accommodate for all the new visitors. This can give the community another source of wealth. Wind farms are an innovative technology, they never pollute the air, and they never produce waste of Affects of Wind Turbines
On The Environment Wind farms/turbines will affect the environment as a whole because wind farms/turbines are apparent in almost all modern day countries. A major impact that involves all biotic and abiotic things, it's the fact that wind farms can change the temperature. When wind farms are in the area there are subtle changes in the temperature, like being warmer than average at night and cooler during the day. Turbines can do this to the land because the hotter air is higher up where the wind turbines can reach and when they spin they add it to the air near the ground, making the surface temperature warmer than it should be. This
is a problem because decomposers, consumers, and producers might not be
able to adapt to the new changes in their environment. For example if a
consumer's species starts to decline than the plant that it consumes
(ex. producer) general population will increase. This could cause problems
or benefits for the human race depending on what the specie(s) is, but we
can not risk this so we have to think about what we do to the environment
around us. How Succession Will Occur Due To Human Influence Wind energy will continue to thrive in the future. There are many advantages to wind farms. They create jobs for thousands of people, this is good for the economy. Wind turbines don't disrupt or destroy large amounts of environmental habitats, this is because they are simple to install and their bases do not take up a large
amount of space. Wind farms are a new
innovative technology, and they will continue
to create energy that is not only good for our
health but it is good for the environment. I
believe that Wind energy is
the new fore-front of the
clean energy market. Wind
power will continue it's
succession alongside human
influence. Mitigation Practices Used
By Wind Farms Mitigation practices or strategies are specific ways to reduce the impact of something, mitigation practices can be used in the world of energy development. In order to choose the right course of action first the companies have to realize what the problem is, then they have to analyze the problem to see if it can be mitigated or even avoided. When this has been thought through thoroughly the company can decide on the right course of action, and can see if the chosen course of action will be effective and if it will be within the companies budget. These strategies are used by the companies that control wind power to manage how much their companies are affecting the world around them including the people in
the area . A Common mitigation strategies used with wind power is to create a
traffic plan to see if there are any smaller roads you can use to transport the larger
equipment. This way the company will not be blocking the roads so that civilians
can use them freely, this should be used especially for wind power because there are
plenty of large parts and equipment that goes into building the wind turbines. There
are many other ways to enforce mitigation that involve the environment but the main
purpose is to be able to reduce if not eradicate the negative impacts of wind farms. Conclusion From the 1980's when they were practically metal rods with a paper fan on top, to our modern day world of sleek metal towers. The average wind turbine has changed a lot, and as the world keeps advancing they will keep on changing and moving forward to the new world of modern and clean technology. Intro any kind. This makes wind farms a wise choice for communities! These have been some of the economic benefits of the community.
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