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Shopper Marketing: In-Store Summit

Recap of the Shopper Marketing Institute In-Store Summit

Matt Rainone

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of Shopper Marketing: In-Store Summit

Shopper marketing? What's that? The benefits of shopper marketing Defining the path to purchase How do we succeed in shopper marketing? Where is shopper marketing falling short? Retail is changing: The new models Some shopper segments from Henkel brands & retailers understand that it's the Millennial Generation
that is going to pull us out of the recession many new retail models are
specifically aimed at them Timed sales create a sense of urgency & exclusivity Creating uncommon access opening a retail channel where you would not expect it Low-cost, direct to consumer cutting out the middle-man to deliver EASY, LOW COST, retail solutions for consumers Replenishment creating a means for bringing consumers back more frequently Tweaking an existing model for new audiences Being green & locally relevant Creating a bigger, broader brand presence opening up new retail channels that were not already available “we sometimes spend more time trying to define shopper marketing,
than actually putting it into practice” 50 survey respondents, 50 different answers retail marketing initiatives that are: insights driven aimed at a clearly identified targeted shopper’s needs to create a memorable experience, the shopper creates a satisfying, efficient experience at retail
creates integrated communication along the purchase path

adds more value the retailer creates satisfied, loyal customers creates a differentiated shopper experience
may not drive traffic for retailers, but a perfectly executed Shopper Marketing program will keep you coming back collaborative relationships between brand/retailer strengthen
those relationships long term improved results, ROI the brands alignment with customer (retailer) objectives more efficient, increased ROI increased brand equity and loyalty Planning Shopping Consuming 80% of all purchases are at the very least
influenced before entering the store the search for coupons and customer reviews and ratings has skyrocketed over the past few years over 70% of shopping decisions
are made while in store Community buying power harness the power of community and the sense of urgency
created with limited quantities available positive business results, and increased brand equity Success of Shopper Marketing = linking the right consumer & shopper insights In order to succeed, a shopper marketing initiative needs to be:
shopper/consumer focused For shopper marketing to succeed, we need to have: retailer embraced and enabled executed perfectly collaborative between the retailer and the brand strategically valuable for the shopper successful at creating efficiencies & improving
ROI for the retailer and brand BRAND & RETAILER GOAL ALIGNMENT BRAND & RETAILER INSIGHT SHARING clear insights, objectives, targets, ideas, and results
And we need to be flexible to adjust to changing retailer needs changes to the marketplace one word ... execution in a national in-store sampling audit... 42% of shoppers were not given the product benefit 24% of shoppers were not given the product name 20% of sampling ambassadors did not actively engage shoppers what i want
where i shop what i consider
what i buy the experience
the evaluation these segments transcend
traditional demographics Thank You For more information, visit: \\bosfile1\shares\public\MISC\Shopper_Marketing
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