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Victoria Gornieva

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of ghj

Taking a Gap year in Ukraine Presentation about :
Features of taking a Gap year in Ukraine
An attitude of Ukrainian youth to taking a Gap year.
Youth in Ukraine differently treats to taking a Gap year. Some believe that it is a good opportunity to prepare for higher education, get new experience and gain different skills, others believe that it is a waste of time that can be spend on education at University .Also those who afraid to take Gap year because they believe that after that they will lose their place at University.
Gap year – a year between leaving school and further education.
Gap Year is not very popular among Ukrainian youth, but lately more and more young people getting a Gap year. Usually the reasons are quite different. Such as:
- Earning money;
- Gaining experience;
- Acquiring new skills and knowledge;
- Traveling to different countries;
Problems relating to taking
of Gap year
Problems relating to taking of Gap year.Some young people who want to take a Gap year faced to number of problems. Firstly, sometimes if someone wants to go to abroad at the Gap Year ,the Ukrainian Ministry does not issue visas for a long time or visas can be very expensive. Secondly, young people who want to get a job in their country in Gap year can not find job vacancies, or get rejection from employers, usually because no one wants to take a worker without experience.
Occupations during Gap year.
Occupations during Gap year.During the Gap, young people are usually looking for a job, or become volunteers. Too often young people get jobs that are not highly paid, but is associated with hard work.Often, some of them participate in international projects. So, there are some occupations during Gap Year:
- Social work (nurse, salesman);
- Work outside the country (guide, translator, freelance journalist);
- Participation in various projects (adventure, humanities);
- Practice in different cities of the country.
Own attitude to taking Gap Year
As for me there is a lot benefits of taking of Gap year. Firstly, you improve your abilities and skills, learn about cultures. Secondly, you learn to work with different people and acquire experience.
But along with the fact there are some disadvantages of taking of Gap year. You may lose your place in the University, do not get the desired results from Gap year. Or go to a distant country where you will have very hard life .Also, you can lose a lot of money to create a visa.So all is depends on how much you are ready to Gap year.

Gap year - it’s a year when you can fully test how you prepared for adulthood, try out different occupations and gain good experience. But you always have to remember that you can get some difficulties and have to be prepared for the fact that you have to deal with them by yourself.

Overall, Gap year - the year when you can know yourself.

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