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Chapter 8 for ArtTalk

Rachel Hubbard

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of TEXTURE


The element of art that refers to how things feel, or look as if they might feel if touched. 2. VISUAL TEXTURE

The illusion of a three-dimensional surface. 3. MATTE SURFACE

A surface that reflects a soft, dull light 4. Actual texture versus visual (implied) texture Actual texture can actually be touched and you can feel a raised surface.

Visual (implied) texture is drawn and does not feel like texture, though it can look like texture 6. Simulated versus invented texture Simulated textures imitate real textures.
i.e. plastic tabletops looks like wood. Vinyl flooring looks like tile or stone.

Invented textures are two-dimensional patterns created by lines or shapes, which do not represent a real surface, but the pattern stimulate your memories of actual textures. 6. Four types of textures Smooth
Matte How can the roughness or smoothness of a texture be determined? The roughness or smoothness of a texture can be determined by looking at the shadows. Smooth surfaces = reflects light evenly

Rough surfaces = reflects light unevenly How do smooth and rough textures differ in how they reflect light? Matte surfaces absorb most all the light.
Shiny surfaces reflect a lot of bright light and have highlights. 10. Create your own textures! Texture Rubbing
Invented Texture
Simulated Texture

(Don't do Actual Texture)
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