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No description

maryam gooyabadi

on 5 March 2012

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Transcript of HELPS

HELPS Hybrid Emergency Localized Patrol and Search Vehicle Need Market Product Industry Competition Marketing Operations Management Financial Conclusion Features and Benefits 40% Smaller, lighter than full-size vehicle
7,000 lbs, 14 ft long Computer-Controlled 4WD
Simpler, more adaptable than gears 4 Individual Hub Motors
208 HP/ 460 ft*lbs Torque
30% grade capability
Low Center of Gravity
Redundant, Failsafe System Central Battery Pack
68 Li-Po Battery Cells
Range = 130 miles Modular Construction
Easy to service Advanced Off-Road Suspension
22 in. ground clearance
Prevent Rollovers, High-Centers On-Board Power Control
Gas/Diesel Generator
Battery Charging System
Battery Management Lifetime Cost
Fuel Cost
Maintenance cost

Electric drive

Customer Requirements
Rugged Competitive Advantage 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Entire Rescue Vehicle: $100-500K
Ambulance: $100-250K
Fire Truck: $150-500K
Vehicle Conversions: 105-185K
Base Vehicle: $40-100K
“Refit”: $65-85K
Small Off-Road Vehicle: $10-40K Target Customer 1 2 National Parks Local Rescue Departments Government Services Administration (GSA) - Long-Term Leases
- 3-5 Year Lifespan
- Small Business Initiatives
- Contract Bidding
- Ex: Current Schedule
Fire Control Equipment
$2.5 M USD Department Of Interior (DOI) - Per-Need Purchases
- Vehicle Lifespan
- Park Budget
Congressional Appropriations
- Vehicle Service Manager
When vehicles need replacing
What vehicles to purchase Department Budget Purchases - Per-Need Purchases
- Vehicle Lifespan
- Department Budget
Grants & Donations
- Vehicle Service Managers
- Joint Purchases Management and Operations Duties are Shared among Staff Management and Operations Duties Performed Independently.
Turn Key Advisors into Key Employees Plug-in to Chassis
Places Driver at front
Driver Protection from heat, cold
Controls Designed for use with gloves, protective gear Price Placement Stage One (yr 1-3) 90% University Development Stage Two (yr 4 +) Bad Boy Buggies Navistar Spartan - Facility: 8000 SF
4 Vehicle Capacity
4-week build time
- In-house assembly and Chassis fabrication
- Outsource frame welding - Production Line - new facility
- Volume Component Contracts
- In-House frame welding and assembly
Dedicated technicians
- Outsource volume body contracts
First Priority Emergency Vehicles Shipping FOB Shipping Point Basis Warranty 10-year, original purchaser, manufacturer defects, subscription warranty to second-hand customers - US accounts for 54.2% of global rescue vehicle market.
- National parks have huge rescue vehicle fleets - 100's
- Most vehicles are single purpose, cost $100,000's
- Turn over vehicles every 5-10 years
- Maintenance and fuel costs paid by department - HELPS fills a niche market for an alternative-fuel high-technology rescue vehicle
Lifetime costs (fuel and maintenance)
Customer requirements

- There are many avenues for expansion and product development (military, unmanned, etc)

- At 5 years:
Projected Value: $35.4 M HELPS is an electric emergency vehicle company. The rugged, modular electric vehicle systems HELPS produces provide mountain rescue agencies with a versatile, low-cost, low-impact all-terrain rescue vehicle Kristan Armstrong
Kellen Weeber
AJ Gemer
Maryam Gooyabadi
Philip Irwin
Jason Putnik Business Plan Key Assumptions:
Secure equity and debt financing
Sourcing agreements with suppliers
Secure GSA contracts

Year 5 Summary Financials
$38.1 million in revenue
33% gross profit margin
$2.2 million net earnings (5.9% margin)
Breakeven in Q4 of year 3 Stage 1 Stage 2 Questions? Funding Offering
Seed financing - $1.0 Million
First round financing - $2.0 Million

SBA 504 loan - $3 Million Promotion Product - Cost Plus, 30% margin
- $200K sales price - Trade Expo
- Key hire (3 tiers)
- Expectation of continuity - Initial Rollout:
Rocky Mountain NPS/LRD
- Expansion:
National NPS, Military Venue - Differentiation
Electric Motor
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