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The Golden Rule of Success for Twitter

Learn the basics of Twitter navigation, how to create dynamic, multilayered Tweets, and the secrets to effective social networking.

Christen Otter

on 28 April 2011

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Transcript of The Golden Rule of Success for Twitter

First, let's have a quick look at some of the "nuts" and "bolts" to get you set up.

Then, we'll get to the secrets of Twitter success!
To set up your account, go to:
and click on "Get Started-Join!"
From there, you will enter your official Twitter Username, Password, and E-mail.
Hit: "I accept" then "Create My Account"
Easy enough, right? OK! Next step...
The 2 places Twitter will take you to next are OPTIONAL.
Twitter will suggest options for INTERESTS, followed by, WHO TO FOLLOW.
You can follow the prompts now, or you can come back to this later and make adjustments.
*see screen shot
Next up:
Perfecting your Settings!
Click on the little arrow just beside your Twitter Username...
...and this menu will appear:
which will take here HERE:
Under SETTINGS is where you'll adjust
important details pertaining to your:
Homepage Design
*privacy TIp:
If you DON'T want your Tweets, to be public, then make sure to CHECK the box "Protect My Tweets" !
Twitter is designed for you to use ON THE GO
...and you don't have to get an iPhone App to be able to Tweet.
Under SETTINGS, just go to MOBILE and get set up to Tweet from your cell phone!
*(it's FREE! :)
Ready for your close-up?
To upload your photo, just click PROFILE:
and you can then upload an image from your computer.
*photo tip:
An image size of about 150 x 150 usually works best
Click on
Now that you're all set up, it's time to find some people to follow!
Simply click HERE:
And Twitter will offer these options and suggestions for you:
Here are some quick basics to Twitter navigation on your Homepage:
TIMELINE gives you real-time Tweets from people you Follow.
@MENTIONS will show you all Tweets that mention you. Be sure to check this often!
Click on this link for details on how to create LISTS:
Did you know you can save searches on Twitter? And when you save a search, you can always come back later and get the latest results for your query.
Click on this link for more details on how to save a SEARCH:
and, in case you're thinking, "well that's a start, but now
what do i say?"
Here is the one trick that will assure your SUCCESS on Twitter,
*no matter who your target audience is
it's all about creating *value* for your followers
Successful communicators
to the community
Guidelines for Creating Value:
*Be consistent!
*Contribute with Tweets that are: Informative, Helpful, Witty. :)
Try to Tweet at least a couple times a day, and this will create a solid rapport with your Followers.
Ever get tired of hearing people put out dull, thoughtless ramblings? Yep, thought so. Same thing goes for Twitter!
So, now that you know what to say, how do you say it?
Include the
Don't forget to add
*(a #HASHTAG is simply a way for people to search for Tweets that have a common topic.)
Click this Link for HELP on #Hashtags !
Thicken your Tweets up with LINKS !
*Cool tip:
awesome link shortener.
Got something
to say ?
Now that we've gone over the basic mechanics
of how to navigate Twitter,
What's in this tweet

for my Followers ?

you've made it this far, and
you are now on your way to
twitter success !
The golden rule of success
just remember to gear your messages around the Golden Rule of Success, and think...
Congratulations !
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