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The Year I Was Born

Info about the year I was born.

Brittany Waisner

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of The Year I Was Born

The Year I Was Born Bartlesville, Oklahoma April 9th, 1997 A few months after I was born we moved to Texas, and came back to Bartlesville when I was 5. Both of my parents, and all of my family are from Missouri. I have one sibling, a sister, and she is 29. Parents are Mary Reneau, and Brian Waisner Premier Pamela Gordon was a woman political leader in 1997-1998 The president in 1997 was Bill Clinton In 1997, Lottie Williams was walking in a park in Tulsa, when she was hit on the shoulder with a piece of metal.The metal was later confirmed to be a piece of a Delta II rocket. Monday, November 24, 1997 Barman, who abducted schoolgirl faces extradition. This happened in England. Hong Kong was returned to Chinese sovereignty on July 1, 1997, when Britain's lease on the New Territories expired No Doubt "Don't Speak" Smash Mouth "Walking On the Sun" David Mathews Band "Crash Into Me" Elton John "Candle In the Wind" Spice Girls "Wannabe" Music in 1997 News Stories in 1997 Political Leaders in 1997 Backround on my family When & where I was born! Popular books in 1997 Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier, Atlantic Monthly Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach, Warner The Ranch by Danielle Steel, Delacorte Popular Movies in 1997 Titanic Boogie Nights The Ice Storm The Full Monty In the Company of Men Slacks, Canvas, Boat Shoes, Leather Jackets, Paisley Shirts, Loafers. Clothing Styles in 1997 Folger's Coffee, Morton Salt, Hormel SPAM, Dole Pineapple Chunks, Ro-tel Diced Tomatos. Food and Drink in 1997 Food around 1997 wasn't all that different from food we eat today. Below are some popular food products that were known to be purchased alot in 1997. Around 1997, people didn't dress a whole lot different then they do now. Many styles from the 1990's like boat shoes, (which we might know as Sperry's,) are coming back around. Many movies in the 90's were known to be romantic. A good example of that would be the making of the Titanic.
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