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Maniac Magee

Jerry Spinelli


on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Maniac Magee

Maniac Magee By Abbey Nichols Chaper 1 Jeffrey Magee was just a normal little boy until one night his parents went into the city. On the way home the trolly crashed when the motorman was drunk and killed both of the parents and Jeffrey Magee was an orphan. Jeffrey was shipped of to his Aunt Dot, and Uncle Dan. They hated each other but they would not get a divorce. There was two of everything in the house. One night it was Jeffrey's spring musical and he kept yelling "TALK TALK TALK" at the end. Then he just started running then he had no home. That is how he got the name Maniac Magee. Chapter 2 One Year Later Maniac Was still
running then came to the town
Two Mills East end is white people
and West is black. He kept saying
hi to lots of people he didn't know.
But only one person said hi back. Chapter 3 The first one to stop
and say hi to maniac
Was a girl named
Amanda. He saw here
suitcase and it was
full of books they
kept on fighting
because maniac
wanted one then she
gave it to him. By the way Maniac was white and Amanda is black. Chapter 4 Maniac went to a
high school every
one was playing
football. Brain Denehy
threw it to James,
Hands down but he
didn't catch it. It was a boy
with a book then dropped
the ball and ran away. The
boy was Maniac. Chapter 5 In the west end there
was a kid who was thrown
over a fence into Finster-
walds backyard and he is
a ghost who still wanders
around his house. Then
Maniac jumped into the
yard and saved him. Chapter 6 Later Valerie Pickwell
blew a whistle all her
kids came running in.
Maniac ran in too. He
stared eating the
spaghetti when all of
the kids relised he
wasnt supposed to be
there Chapter 7 Maniac ran to the Little League field in the park. John McNab was there and there was only one pitch he ever threw: a fastball. McNab got mad because maniac was hitting all the balls. So McNab went and got a Chapter 8 The town was buzzing because Maniac hit
the frogball. He did not have a home but he
did have the deer shed at the Elmwood Park
Zoo, which is where slept for his first couple
of nights in town. He started reading Amanda's book when he wasn't, he was wondering. He ran around town, around the nearby townships always carring the book. Chapter 9 John McNab and his pals went looking for Maniac. They called them the Cobras. Nobody messed with them. They heard
he hung around the park thats
where they spotted him. They started running for him. He came to the house where he ate spaghetti. They were standing at the line for East end and west. Chapter 10 Maniac started to walk onto East Chestnut. Then a kid named Mars bar came out. He did not like Maniac. Mars bar asked Maniac where e was going. He was going to sycamore st. Mars bar offered a piece of his mars bar so Maniac did (white people never touch black.) Then Mars ripped a piece out of Maniacs book and he was mad. Chapter 11 Maniac was jogging down Sycamore street he heard a voice it was Mars Bar and he was not alone. He said give me the book maniac said no.
Then Amanda came by on her bike! She saw the rip. Mars Bar pointed to Maniac. Amanda got mad. Amanda took the page from him. Then Amanda said we can fix it come to my house. Chapter 12 They Walked into Amanda's house her mom was srubbing the crayon off the TV. They introduced themselves. Then he met Hester and Lester. They were sitting on the counter and they dropped a glass jar and some stringy so Amanda and her mom cleaned it up. Maniac stayed forever then Mr. Beale said ill drive you home so they were down the street then Maniac said he didn't have a home so he toke him home. Chapter 13 Amanda gave her room up for Maniac.
He did everything with Hester and Lester
he went in the tub, he eat pizza. Then had
bloches so he was allergic to pizza. Chapter 14 Maniac loved his new life! He
loved the silent and he sound
of pancakes on the grill. He
also loved the 4th of July block
party. He loved playing football
too. A new kid came to the lot
and had a football. He saw Maniac
He came closer and it was Hands
Down. He picked Maniac to be on
his team. He Maniac got close to the ball
it was a good catch. The people went crazy
to stop him. Amanda came and said it was
dinner time. Chapter 15 Maniac's fame spread all around town. who lived with the Beales at 728 Sycamore. Who went out before fathers. He did not do any
talking Hands Down did it for him. Maniac
loved trash talk. It reminded him of church. Then he brought it home Maniac started talking trash to Mrs. Beale and she got mad. Then he said im sorry i love you. He wanted to read one of Amandas
books but she was always reading it. She would not give it to him. She had to hide it but Maniac always found it. Chapter 16 Maniac was blind well he could
see things but didn't know what they meant. He couldn't see why Mars Bar hated him. Some people dont like people who are different. Then all of the sudden he could! Chapter 17 It was a hot day in August. It was so
hot, the fire hydrant at Green and
Chesnut were gushing like Niagara
Falls. When Maniac got to the lot and
the other people got there between
the streets was a block party and a
swimming pool. Someone came up to
Maniac and pointed at him. the man
said to go home Maniac said he was
home. He yelled again MOVE ON. One
morning Mrs. Beale went outside to
srub the brick. In tall letters was
writen ISHBELLY GO HOME. Chapter 18 Amanda said you cant listen to that old
coot. Hes goofy. Now Maniac wanted to
leave but Amanda tried to make him stay.
But he left. He was not back by lunch or
dinner. Amanda went out looking. It was
late then Maniac walked in. It was morning
some kid came to the door and asked
Maniac if he could untangle the not
he got it. Then Amanda told him
about cobles not. Chapter 19 Nobody could untie cobles not.
Mr. Coble's wasn't doing well with
his store so he made a not and he offerd a prize to anyone who
could untie the not so Amanda
talked to Maniac, then he said he
would try it. Chapter 20 The not was hung so Maniac climed up and he could tell
the not was in big trouble. As he worked and worked more people came. After an
hour a couple nots were done. Then Maniac layed downon the table and took a nap. Fifteen minutes later he woke up. Around dinner time there was a big roar he did it cobles not is done. It was nothing but string. Chapter 21 Kids cried for autographs from Maniac. Then Maniac got the year supply of pizza (which he could not eat.) Maniac saw that there was a printing on the table its encyclopedia A he followed the paper all the way to the Beales house. He thought that he didnt want the Beales spending money on him anymore so he ran away. PART 2 Chapter 22
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