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United against racism

No description

annamaria cino

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of United against racism

Racism By: class 3L De pisis school , Porotto, Ferrara March 2013 Introduction How did Racism start? Effects of racism More interesting Facts Conclusion What is racism?
Racism is the situation when people don't like you because you have a different colour of skin, a different religion, a different culture. In other words racism is the fear of diversity. Racism started when humans were divided into groups called races.Then people started to look at them and notice differences between other people (skin colour, race, culture/religion) and realize that some people are just better than others. We hope that people will always be judged for their carachter and personality and not for the colour of their skin, their religion,
their political creed. Fear of going to school/public places
Self hate Depression Eating disorders Crime Panic attacks Suicide Recent racism episodes in Italy Some coloured football players
have been insulted during the match
because of the colour of their skin Because of Racism and Antisemitism 6 million people died during the Holocaust , one million only in Auschwitz. Because of Racism at least 10 million people were tortured and killed in Trieste and Istria around 1945. They were laid ( many still alive) in the sinkholes of Carso. INTERESTING FACT! FACTS! INTERESTING De Pisis school, March 21st: human chain against all forms
of racism. The students sang songs and read poems against
racism Because of Racism black people were segregated
and discriminated in South Africa. Racism in the past European settlers killed thousands of
Native americans in the New World The holocaust is the destruction of the lives of six million people between 1939 and 1945.
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