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Prezi Presentation on CSBE

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Ahmad Abu-Khalaf

on 5 April 2015

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Transcript of Prezi Presentation on CSBE

Investigating Public Spaces in Amman
Water Conserving Landscapes I: The Water Efficiency for Public Information and Action Project (WEPIA); 2001 - 2004
Greywater Reuse Project
Planning Needs for Aqaba - The Aqaba Special
Economic Zone Authority
Planning Needs for Aqaba - The Aqaba
Development Corporation
Stone in Amman
Project on Water Conserving Landscapes
Research Projects
Water Conserving Landscapes II: The Instituting Water Demand Management in Jordan Project (IDARA); 2007 - 2012
Who we are / Introduction
Built Pilot Projects
Aqaba Residence Energy Efficiency House
The National Gallery of Fine Arts Park:
Sculpture Garden and Water-Conserving
Model Park
Training and Technical Assistance in Water-Wise Landscaping
Community Development through Interactive Design
Architectural Awards and Competitions
Aqaba Housing Competition
Abu Alanda Apartment Building Competition
Omrania | CSBE Award for Excellence
in Architectural Design
Abdullatif Al Fozan Award for Mosque Architecture
The Diwan al-Mimar Architectural Forum
Public Lectures
Courses and Workshops
Architectural Laboratory I
Architectural Laboratory II
Architectural Detailing Course
Three Architects. Three Modules
Introduction to Landscape Architecture:
Concepts and Applications
Think. Create. Make
Internships and Incubation
Incubation of Rawan Qubrusi, architect
Student Internships
Publications and Resources
CSBE Website
Social Media
CSBE Films
More information on CSBE's publications and activities is available at the CSBE website
Intuitive Visualization in Architecture
The CSBE - Zaha Foundation Cycling Project

Amman’s Worth-Noticing Urban Elements and Early Modern Buildings
The “Contemporary Arab City” Massive Open Online Course
CSBE Print Publications
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