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Russell Danao-Schroeder

on 2 September 2016

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Transcript of VISION

Supply Access Sustainability



Findings Forecast
13,500 $800,000 30,500

7,500 $375,000 7,400

Housing Study
Household Growth
2010 to 2040
Financing - Land Use - Services
Preserves our economic diversity!
In 2040, of ownership housing added be affordable to households between 80% & 120% AMI

Ownership Objective
The Tools
Site Plan
Housing Choice Vouchers
Housing Grants
23¢ 1:3
$71.3 Million
The Numbers
Key Topics
Geographic Distribution
Local Preference
Middle Income
Flexibility in Housing Types
Public Review and Comment

RTA - June 13

Board Action - July 18

Housing Affordability
Supports our People

Improves our Neighborhoods

Strengthens our Economy
Fair Housing
Access for lower income households
Prevent and End Homelessness
Aging in Community
Independent Living (Disabilities)
Safe and Code Compliant
Proximity to Transit
Energy and Water Efficiency
Long-term Affordability/Feasibility
Integration with County Plans
$24.9 Million
Rental Objective

In 2040,
of the County’s housing stock is affordable to households up to 60% AMI.
The Plan
Form Based Code
What You Can Do....

Sign-up for e-mail updates

Invite a speaker to a group

Share your views

Comment at County Board Meetings

Attend and invite others to upcoming meetings and events

Faith Community Forum - April 30
Civic Federation - May 5
Lee Highway Housing Forum - May 9
Latino Roundtable - May 13
Tenant Landlord Commission -May 20
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