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The Boxer Rebellion

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able can

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of The Boxer Rebellion

The Boxer Rebellion
What is the proper name for the event?
In the West:
The Boxer Rebellion
China Relief Expedition
In China:
Invasion or Rescue?
Patriotism or Vandalism?
watch two videos and discuss how the boxers and foreigners are pictured.
Who are Boxers?
Secret Society
desperate poverty
义和团 The Righteous and Harmonious Fists
The Cause of the Event
Foreign Powers
Chinese Government
The Event:
1898-early 1900: Violence against the foreign and Christian presence in North China Plain
8.14: The Eight-Nation Alliance captured Beijing, brutally executed Boxers.
1900.6: Converged on Beijing with the slogan 扶清灭洋, burning churches, stores and train stations.
6.11: The first international army set out and was defeated in Langfang.
6.20: The German diplomat Ketteler was killed by Boxers and Chinese army.
6.21: Cixi unofficially declared "war" on all foreign powers. Legation Quarter in Beijing was under siege for 55 days.
1901.9.7: The Boxer Protocol
The Event with Sources
The Order from German Kaiser:
The Decision of Cixi:
The violence in Beijing during 1900:
The Execution of Boxers
The Results & Influence
2. The Boxer Protocol
Huge reparation; foreign army has the right to stay around Beijing; China must punish all xenophobic rebels;
1. Turmoils in Beijing during the 1899-1901
massacre, murder, looting, destruction
3. The central government was weakened, and could barely sustain without the foreign support
4. Late Qing New Policy (清末新政), the last reform launched by Qing Dynasty
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