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Oculus - Team Eclipse

Oculus is exciting new game based in the future in which players get to experience taking down a corrupt corporation. The players are able to choose their own play styles by loading Apps into their Oculus implants.

Paul Welch

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Oculus - Team Eclipse

But there is hope...
There is a resistance group called Tru Sight that is trying to make people aware of the BIB. Their goal is to expose the Sight Systems Corporation and the Government. This group operates behind the scenes. They have learned how to use the BIB to alter a person's physical capabilities, and have written programs that help their members further the cause.

... You are part of that resistance.
As a member of Tru Sight, you have access to a certain number of Sight modifications called Apps. These apps expand your capabilities.
In the year 2054 the corporation Sight Systems creates an implant that ties to a person’s visual cortex. This implant generates a display overlay on top of the user’s normal vision, thus providing an augmented reality experience for the user.

These alterations go unnoticed by the users.
Sight Systems CEOs decide to use this “backdoor” for profit. They started selling thoughts and opinions to political campaigners to sway votes to the highest bidder. This eventually led into other forms of opinion and thought alterations of the users from Sight Systems.

Eventually it was realized that only about 12% of the implant users are immune to this “backdoor”, and are unaffected by Sight Systems meddling.

Some of the people that are immune start to notice other people’s tendency to change their opinions suddenly, and forget things in extreme ways. The immune start to question what is happening.

Eventually an anti-Sight Systems group forms to try and stop the dealings of the company. This group develops a way of protecting users of the implant from Sight System’s “back door”, and starts to design their own Apps to be used with the system.
This is where you, as the player, join. As a member of the anti-Sight Systems group you are tasked with using their own technology against them in order to bring an end to their mind controlled society.
Team Eclipse
The Team
Jordan Dhom
Allen Koson
Christopher Thacker
Paul Welch
When the player starts they are provided three Apps for their implant: Gunslinger, Brawler, and Crawler. These Apps provide the player with different talent mods which can alter how the player experiences the game.
Each App offers alternative play styles to the game. Gunslinger is played like a shooter from either the first person or over the shoulder perspectives. Brawler plays like a beat 'em up style game, and provides the player very simple combos, and moves that feel more like they are from a fighting game. Crawler is the stealth style and allows the user sneak and assassinate his/her way through each mission.
Only one App can be loaded at a time. This means the player is able to use talent mods from only one of the three Apps at a time.
Talent mods are abilities and skills that are developed within each App.
Talent mods progress with usage. Every time a mod is used, the usage counter counts down. Eventually, a mod becomes permanent within that App.
A player may equip any four permanent mods from within the chosen App or any three permanent and one non permanent mods.
The players main missions, objectives, and storyline advancements are given through the player’s head quarters. Players will receive primary missions from their Superior Officer and alternative missions, or side quests, from additional NPC’s located within the HQ. Mission objectives and difficulty can be viewed before accepting the mission or quest.
When a player accepts a mission, they will immediately be transported into an instanced state where the player will receive a mission summary with specific tasks to complete, including bonus objectives.
All the of the objectives listed, with the exception of bonus objectives, in a summary must be completed in order to turn in the mission and reap rewards. Missions may be abandoned at any given time. At the end of each summary, the player is given a list of style apps. The player will then be able to choose from the three different style apps. This game is difficult, but not impossible.
The experience does not stop there. Players are able to join in with a friend locally or online to enhance the experience of the game and reap better rewards. These rewards are given through completing missions cooperatively and at higher difficulty levels.
Zoom/ Block

(Hold) Change Mod
Throw/Throw Object
Pause/Access App Statistics

Move Camera/Position Camera
Cycle Through Apps
Move Character
Competition Analysis
Image and Music Credits

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All images and music used under creative commons licenses.
Executive Summary
Oculus is exciting new game based in the future in which players get to experience taking down a corrupt corporation. The players are able to choose their own play styles by loading Apps into their Oculus implants and power up by utilizing talent mods for each of their Apps. This game's target audience consists of males ages 16-25.
In the year 2056 Sight System's engineers design a piece of coding that allows their implant to send signals to other parts of the brain. This eventually leads to the ability to alter a user’s memories, thoughts, and learned skills. This “backdoor” to the user’s brain has been kept secret from the public.

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