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All Around the World

No description

Meredith Jewson

on 17 November 2015

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Transcript of All Around the World

(Well at least from Canada to South Korea and Back)
My Trip Around the World
In February 2011, I left Canada...
I lived in a city called Cheongju
for South Korea!
This was my classroom
I had a job as an English teacher in a
Public Elementary School
And here are some of my students!
And this is what my apartment looked like
I visited different parts of Korea
during my year there
I explored caves
Climbed Mountains
Saw statues and monuments
Toured villages and green tea farms
And played in the Korean snow!
While I was in Korea I went to China on vacation
And the DMZ (the
boarder between North & South Korea
I also traveled to Vietnam...
Where a family of 5 fits on
a motorcycle!
In February 2012, my year in
Korea was finished, so I decided
to travel some more!
First Stop....
Angkor Wat Sunrise
Next stop?
I met some new friends
Finally, it was time to leave Asia and head to...
We were travling in a Jucy van
Which we slept in!
To end 14 months of traveling...
We did some crazy things!
First, scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef
(and I found Nemo)
with a shark!
To end the whole trip..
Bungy Jump!
A year later, I was off on another adventure...
I moved to England to teach high school history.
This was my classroom.
Exploring London, England
This is where I lived.
I travelled while I lived in England too!
And then back home to Canada!
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