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No description

Marcel Salas

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of pluralist

The Pluralist Generation Who are the Pluralists? • What the internet allows them to do: o Shop, communicate, create, share (hone in on communicate and create) First generation of the 21st Century
~ 67 million youths aged 15 and under
54% Caucasian
24% Hispanic
14% African American
4% Asian
4% Other
Last Generation with a Caucasian majority What if you could send emails as a 5th grader? *Magid Associates, "The Generation of the 21st Century" A digital world is all Pluralists know. 84% young people now have Internet access at home "Generation M2: Media in the Lives of 8-to 18-Year Olds," Kaiser Family Foundation (2010) What if your Facebook timeline began at age 13? Do American kids today live in a more inclusive society? Current age: 15 and younger
Size: ~68 million
Caucasian: 54%
Hispanic: 24%
African American: 14%
Asian: 4%
Other: 4% We are approaching an ethnically "pluralistic society" Plurals & Millenials : the Internet
2006 & 2012 The Internet has changed the way I spend my free time.
2006: 31.4%
2012: 43.1% The Internet has changed the way I get information about products and services
2006: 46.8%
2012: 56.2% The Internet has increased my desire to learn/search for information.
2006: 38.5%
2012: 48.2% 69 percent of America’s youngest generation report that they use a cell phone regularly. The percentage of Plurals using a tablet has risen to 43% from 13% in just one year. 49% Caucasian 27% Hispanic 13% African American 4% Asian 5% Other Pluralists may understand ethnicity differently from previous generations. The complexion of the General Market construct will have to change. Families & Parenting Styles Magid & Associates, 2012 Magid & Associates, 2012 Childhood has Changed. Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Magid Associates, 2012 Magid Associates, 2012 Magid Associates, 2012 Getty Images Getty Images Getty Images Magid Associates, 2012 2019
Pluralist's relationship with ethnicity, cultural ties, and personal identity will change. In a Pluralistic society.... multicultural is the new General Market How may these demographic shifts nuance the link between ethnicity and consumer behavior? Same- Sex marriage Legislation Evolving gender roles Rise of interracial population
may complicate ethnic categorization as it stands. Blurring of racial and ethnic boundaries, demographically and phenotypically Pluralists' "Normal" Disillusioned by national ideals of equality ("American Dream")

Changes in "traditional" family structure Who are the Pluralists? The first generation of the 21st Century
Ages 15 and younger
Living in an ethnically pluralistic society
Raised with cynical parenting styles
And evolving gender roles
Immersed in a Digital World "Meet the Pluralists" (video) based on US Census projections Dieste Strategic Planning presents: Marcel Salas
January 18, 2013 The concept of "family" is changing Why does this demographic shift matter? Gen X Parents Are Gen X'ers raising competitive, creative, informed and individualistic children? born 1965 - 1982
Cynical generation
Post-Civil Rights
Economic up's and downs
Understand technology Technology is changing the way Pluralists have fun, communicate, learn, think, & share.
Youth high-speed access has increased from 31% to 59% Multicultural work is going to have more porous borders. Pluralists: (n.)
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