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Field Study 5 - Learning Assessment Strategies

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Martha Espinosa

on 26 October 2013

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Transcript of Field Study 5 - Learning Assessment Strategies

Field Study 5 - Learning Assessment Strategies
Product Oriented Activities
Name of School: Southern Philippines College
Grade Level: Grade 5 Subject Area: Filipino
Subject Matter: Ang Tula
Product-Oriented Assessment Design
My Plan
Short Analysis
Prepared by:
Learning Episode 5 - My PROP
(Product Oriented Practice Test)

Our Resource Teacher - Ms. Cres E. Bayucot
Southern Philippines College
Learning Objectives
Students will be able to summarize and organize their ideas about the story The Cask of Amontillado through writing.
Target Skills
- Communication skills, involves the ability to express and organize ideas.
- Writing Skills, involves the proper indention, margins, punctuation, and paragraph construction.
Learning Activities (Specific Tasks)
- Getting the main idea
- Identifying the elements of the story: characters, setting, climax,etc.
- Analyzing the conflict of the story
- Identifying the resolution
- Getting the moral lesson and the author's purpose
General Product-Oriented Performance Tasks
Write a compositional writing about the story of Cask of Amontillado comprising 4 paragraphs.
Assessment Tasks
Criteria for Rubrics for assessing the compositional writing:

Introduction (1st par.) - 20%
The Body (2nd par.) - 45%
Evaluation of the story - 15%
Conclusion (last par.) - 20%

TOTAL - 100%
During teacher and student interaction, the teacher provides opportunity for her pupils to participate and experience the lesson
During Class Discussion, The teacher explains and discusses the lesson to her pupils.
During class activity, the teacher gives a seatwork after her discussion
1. Quizzes and Seat work
4. Formal and Informal Themes
- A compositional writing required in language subjects: Filipino and English
- Assesses the writing skills of a student
3. Projects
- A task given to student that resulted to a concrete output

Why do you think the originally designed product-oriented performance assessment can appropriately assess the teacher's learning objective?
Yes, because the product- oriented performance assessment focuses on the student's learning outcome which is the output or the product which will serve as the basis of the teacher whether the learning objective has achieved or not.
In what conditions can the product-oriented performance assessment be appropriately used?
Product-oriented assessment is appropriately used especially in measuring the student's knowledge of a particular lesson and student's achievement.
Why do teachers give attention to the students product-oriented tasks? Why do they need to assess them?
Teachers give attention to students product-oriented tasks because they wanted to determine the student's learning outcome. They need to assess them because this will help teachers to revise their teaching methods.
Notes on my Product-Oriented Assessment Plan
Name of School observed: Southern Philippines College
Grade Level: Grade 5 Subject Area: English
Subject Matter: Compositional Writing
List of Product-Oriented Activities
5. Workbooks
- These are set of seatwork activities and exercises all together written in the book.
2. Assignments
- A task given to students to exercise their learning.
- This is usually made at home.
- An assessment technique made by teachers
- Commonly called as paper and pencil test
- Designed to test knowledge which are important for students learning
What are the best features of my product-oriented performance assessment design?
The best features of this product-oriented performance is the opportunity given to the students to develop a strong knowledge of proper grammar and usage which is very necessary to produce a functional output.
What specific conditions are necessary of a successful product-oriented performance assessment design?
The specific conditions that are necessary for a successful product-oriented performance assessment design is that learning or working environment must be conducive, vocabulary or the stock of words, and comprehension for these are the factors that might affect to hinder the success of the activity
What basic points should the user of this design consider?
The basic points to be considered are:
How was the composition written?
Does the composition introduce the characters of the story?
Does the composition summarizes the important events?
Does it include the evaluation and conclusion of the students?
Martha S. Espinosa
Emelin Rose T. Balistoy
Jenny C. Ontong
Kathlyn Rose S. Cgampang
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