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Start a Small Bakery Business

No description

Nargiz Dzhaparova

on 11 February 2016

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Transcript of Start a Small Bakery Business

The project involves the opening of a small - bakery for producing bread products , characterized by its excellent taste properties and the best ratio of price and quality . The goal of the firm's work – to meet the needs of the city's population in the high quality and tasty bread products .
Start a Small Bakery Business
Market Description :
Reasons for current project selection :
: catering
Sources of funding
: private investor ;
The purpose of the project
: Determination of the feasibility of establishing a mini - bakery for the production of bakery and confectionery products

Nowadays small bakeries have more opportunities than the large one , because of their high mobility and more easy adaption to the changing market needs . Bakeries are able to create a unique range of products and if required to change recipes and technologies .
In recent years normal bread is getting more and more replaced by the other bread products . Consumers are willing to pay higher price for the bread products that have unique recipe .
Profitability of mini- bakeries provide their own points of sale with their products. Own products can be delivered to the stores, but recently the major networks acquire their own bakeries, and it will be winning solution also for the small shops located close to the bakeries
Products of a mini - bakery is in great demand
• Shops , houses are close to the bakery and the availibility of fresh bread is always promotes to its fast realisation
• Raw materials for baking bread are always available for purchase .
• Work of small bakery is not seasonal : bakery products always enjoye stable demand and does not depend on the time of year .
In the process of implementation of the project of opening a mini - bakery we have to fulfill the following conditions :
1) Documents and permits
2) The financing of the project
3) to find and rent a suitable production area
4) to purchase a set of equipment required for small-bakery
5 ) Availability of skilled project team and its ability to react to unpredicted circumstances
6 ) Necessary Agreements with the company for the purchase of equipment;

The planned product range :
• • buns ( 8 species)
• • Muffins
• • Doughnuts
• • Bagels
• • cheesecakes and other baked products

There are many ways to increase the efficiency of bakeries .
The first is the usage in the production of a variety of baking mixes , additives and flavor enhancers , using the mixture and special additives , that makes possible to create unique recipes to achieve the original flavors of the test.
The success of the bakery - a question of range and quality . Constant experiments , the desire to surprise and attract consumer with the new taste , the new filling - these are the components of the bakery business.
To stimulate sales and increase customer loyalty to the mini - bakery by conducting various activities and events : discounts or happy hours .
Design of the bakery or confectionery plays an important role in the successful development of business
The six main objectives :
The maximum possible profit
Ensuring the welfare of bakery employees
Market situation maximum capacity
Development , production of the product and upgrade of technology
An introduction of additional production units
Rapid growth of the company
Dzhaparova Nargiz
Finance 14.106
The planned product range :
• • buns ( 8 species)
• • Muffins
• • Doughnuts
• • Bagels
• • cheesecakes and other baked products
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