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Hate List- Book Report

No description

Lily Brickman

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Hate List- Book Report

Unless you're looking for a sad, depressing novel, then I would most definitely not recommend reading Hate List. The whole book was, in a nutshell, about how miserable Valerie's life became after the shooting, and how for only a couple of moments she was happy, until someone wrecked it for her again. If this book had at least a happy ending, then it wouldn't be as bad, but the fact that she runs away from home ruined it for me. I didn't learn anything from this novel, and I was really hoping to get something out of it, but I didn't and was disappointed. This book goes from one period in time to another almost every other chapter, which can become quite irritating after awhile. Again, I would not recommend this book, because it was one of the worst, if not the worst book I have ever read. I would not recommend this book. ∞If you were Valerie, how would you feel about the whole shooting situation and the events afterwords and why? Questions? Jennifer Brown lives in Kansas City, Missouri Hate List written by: Jennifer Brown by: Lily Brickman Setting: "Hate List" takes place mainly at Garvin High School in present day. Every few chapters, there is a flashback to a couple months ago, so it also takes place in the past, but the majority of the book is written in present tense. This novel takes place between May 2008-June 2009, beginning at the end of Valerie's Junior Year and ending with the beginning of the summer after her Senior Year. Characters Valerie is a 17 year-old girl who was shot in the thigh during a school shooting by her now ex-boyfriend Nick. She is a quiet person, and gets teased and tormented because of the fact that it was her boyfriend who killed over a dozen people. Despite what everyone says, she has a great personality, but barely shows it. Valerie hides behind the tragedy that happened, and thinks that there is no point to living, now that her boyfriend has died. Valerie Leftman Nick Levil Nick, a 17 year-old boy, is quiet and somewhat reserved. He spent most of his time with his girlfriend Valerie creating a Hate List, a list of people they hated. He dressed in "dark" clothing, wearing mostly dark colors like black, blue, and gray. Nick occasionally hit Valerie, but always felt bad about it afterwords. He made her lie to her parents, promising her that he wouldn't do it again. Nick had very few friends and was made fun of often. He was known to be a very nice person, but not for long... Dr. Heiler Dr. Heiler is Valerie's therapist. His last name(Heiler) is quite ironic, considering the fact that he heals people and solves their problems. He is a kind, loving, and considerate person(which comes in handy, considering the fact that he is a therapist. Dr. Heiler will help anyone at the drop of a hat, and even answers Valerie's calls at night and on the weekend. He even helped Valerie on a totally unrelated subject for a school project, even when he didn't have to. Mother Valerie's mother, Jenny Leftman, is pretty distressed throughout the whole novel. She is constantly worrying for Valerie and her son, Frankie. Since the shooting, she over-reacts about everything that happens to Valerie, or to her family. Despite what she tells everyone, she secretly blames Valerie for the shooting, and thinks that everything that has occurred is her fault. Unlike her soon to be ex-husband, Jenny tries to hide from her kids what is going on between them. Her husband thinks that the main reason they are splitting up is because Valerie was involved with the shooting, but she doesn't- well, most of the time she doesn't. As much as she tries to be a good mother, she hasn't always done the best she could, considering the fact that she goes to bed early and cries every night, instead of feeding the kids dinner or helping them with homework, or other things. Jessica Campbell Jessica Campbell is the "popular girl" at Garvin High School. Normally, the only time she would even dare talk to Valerie would be to call her names, the most common one being "Sister Death". After the shooting, things changed between the two of them, since Valerie saved her life. Jessica goes from being insensitive and iniquitous to loving and lenient throughout the series of events in this novel. She tries to be the nicest and best friend Valerie's ever had in order to make up for what she did for her. Valerie sees right through this, but Jessica still feels obligated to be nice. Jessica is your typical "mean girl", just with a twist. Hate List is a story about Valerie Leftman and her boyfriend Nick Levil. Nick one morning unexpectedly shoots over a dozen people, killing the majority of them. All of the people that he shot were on a Hate List that he and Valerie created, except one- Valerie. Nick committed suicide after the shooting, leaving everyone to deal with its effects. After months of therapy Valerie returned to school, where she was called both the hero, and the villain. She was ignored as usual, but for some odd reason, the high school "popular/mean girl" was nice to her. Valerie saw right through what she thought was just an act Jessica was putting on, even though she was being genuinely nice. Valerie doesn't have things easy, especially now that both of her parents blame the whole shooting on her, and the fact that they're splitting up. She receives therapy from Dr. Heiler, a psychologist who completely understands her point of view on the shooting, he parents' divorce, and just her life in general. Valerie helps create a memorial project with some other students from Student Council for the victims of the shooting, although they were hesitant to ask her at first, but Jessica convinced them. Valerie goes through another rough period, after confronting Jessica about acting "fake" and doesn't talk to anyone. She realizes she doesn't want to live this way, and quickly apologizes to the people she feels need to be apologized to, but not to everyone. After graduation, she runs away from home, hoping to start all over again. with her husband and three children. She grew up with her many siblings in the same area, taking many road-trips with her family throughout her childhood. She wanted to be a teacher when she grew up, and never considered becoming a writer. Her husband was the one who convinced her to try and publish her writing, though she was self-conscious about it. Jennifer claims to be a humor-writer, making people laugh through her stories without even trying. She received a degree in Psychology through William Jewell College. After a few years of doing all sorts of different jobs, she found out that her true passion of writing would be able to get her somewhere wonderful in life. ∞Why do you think that Valerie and Nick created the Hate List, and who do you think was on it? ∞Out of all of the characters in the Hate List, which had the most impact on your feelings about the book? Why? ∞Do you think that Dr. Heiler had any influence on Valerie running away from home? How? ∞If you were Nick, and you had just shot over a dozen people including yourself, would you wish to go back and change things, or keep them the same? Support your reasoning with examples from the text. If I were Valerie, after the shooting I would feel somewhat guilty, because even though I didn't shoot anyone, I did contribute to the shooting by helping Nick to write the actual Hate List. I think that Valerie and Nick created the Hate List, because it was a way for them to share their feelings. Neither of them had a lot of friends, so it was a way for the both of them to vent out their feelings about people, without broadcasting it to the entire world. The people I think were on the Hate List were the ones who really irritated Valerie and Nick without even doing anything wrong. The book didn't list any specific characters on the Hate List, so that's why I wrote the previous sentence. Out of all the characters, the one that had the most impact on me in the story was Jessica. She tried and tried to make up for all of the times that she was mean to Valerie, and really felt sincerely sorry for what she had done, and Valerie still held a grudge. Jessica showed persistence in trying to make up for all of the bad times, and even when Valerie was just as mean to her she brushed it off and kept on trying. I do think that Dr. Heiler did have an influence on Valerie running away, because he was the only one that knew that she was going to run away, and he didn't try to stop her. He supported her decision, even though it was wrong, and didn't bother to tell Valerie's parents what she wanted to do. Dr. Heiler didn't tell her what she wanted to do was wrong and that she should face her problems, and that's basically what his job was to do. If I were Nick, I would wish to change things, because if I could, then I would because what he did was wrong, and he had no reason to do so. When he shot everyone and killed the majority of them, there was no legitimate reason to do so. Little things about them had bothered him, things that they most likely couldn't change. No matter what it was, he had no reason to do what he did, and if I were him, I would change that any day.
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