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Irlen Method

Prezi for EDU 443

Amanda Nelson

on 5 April 2011

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Transcript of Irlen Method

THE IRLEN METHOD A. TOPIC OVERVIEW B. Description C. Research D. Statistics E. Summary F. References Irlen Syndrome formerly known
as Scotopic Sensativity Syndrome (SSS)
Is not an optical problem. The brain has a problem
processessing visual information. Can be treated through the Irlen Method Irlen Syndrome can affect many areas: Including: Academic and Work Performance
Ability to sit still
Concentration This syndrome is different for each individual and
is often a lifetime barrier to learning and performance Indications of one who might have Irlen Syndrome Eye Strain Poor Comprehension Print Looks "different" Slow or ineffiecent reading Low Self Esteem Other symptoms:
- Depth Perception
- Distortions
- Attention and Concetration The Irlen Method! Who can it help? ADD/ HD: Headaches, Migraines, and Other physical symptoms Autism and Aspergers Syndrome Traumatic Brain Injuries, Head Injuries Psychological, Medical and Visual Problems Treatment!
"The cornerstone of the Irlen Method is its
precision-tinted overlays and filters. " Colored Overlays: Fast Facts They are used by
hundreds of thousands
of students and over one-million
people worldwide. Colored overlays are most effective
for individuals whose difficulties
are isolated to reading How? Improve clarity and Stability
Reduce Strain and Fatigue
Eliminate Headaches
Improve Comprehension
Allow a student to read longer and with comfort! Proof! After one week: Gain of 6.6 months in reading accuracy
and 19.35 months in reading comprehension! Colored Filters: Fast Facts For individudals wanting or needing
more comprehensive light filtering to
alleviate problems associated with both
printed page and the environment Precision-tinted for an individual
filtering out the exact wave length off
light creating perceptual difficulties Colored filters can help Reading
Headaches and migranes
Sports performance
Night Driving
Light Sensativity "The Placebo Effect"
"Among the numerous criticisms of Irlen's Treatment, the biggest is that the precision tints are higly suceptible to placebo effects" Incidence studies suggest that 46% of those
identified with reading problems, dyslexia, ADD or learning
difficulties suffering from Irlen syndrome can be helped through
the Irlen Method 12-14% of gifted and Average students
benefit 70-80% of patients with Traumatic Brain Injuries,
Head Injuries, Concussions, and Whiplash benefit The Irlen Method helps approx 50%
of those with
Autism and Aspergers. Somtimes the Irlen Method is the only solution
but more often, Irlen Syndrome is just one layer
of the individual's problems and the Irlen Method
can be one piece of the solution puzzle. This method does
not replace the need for instruction, remediation
and medical intervention Accomidations /Interventions Reduce the number and contrast of stimuli in the students visual field Provide extra time for reading aloud with a peer or buddy Use audio-books or tape recordings of notes Use pastel colored paper for handouts Turn down the lights over the student's work area Wilkins, A. J. (2003). Reading through colour How colored filters can reduce reading difficulty, eye strain, and headaches. Chichester, West Sussex, England: John Wiley & Sons. Irlen, H. (2007). The world of Misperception Irlen Colored Filters . Retrieved April 26, 2010, from http://www.latitudes.org/articles/learn02.html Irlen . (1998). Retrieved April 26, 2010, from http://irlen.com/index.php?s=about http://www2.brandonu.ca/academic/education/exceptional/Guidebook.pdf /The Exceptional Teachers' Casebook Chaban, P. (2002). Irlen Filters and Learning Disabilities. Retrieved April 26, 2010, from http://www.ldrc.ca/contents/view_article/207/
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