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ABC Book! The Breadwinner

No description

Alexa Y

on 10 February 2016

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Transcript of ABC Book! The Breadwinner

'A' is for Afghanistan..
'C' is for chador..
'D' is for Dari..
'B' is for a burqa..

Novel By Debarah Ellis
The Breadwinner ABC book!
Afghanistan is an Islamic country in South and Central Asia. Which is where the book takes place.

A burqa is a long garment worn by women in public.
It covers the entire body and has a narrow mesh material over the eyes.
A large piece of cloth used to cover women/girl's head and shoulders.

Dari is a form of the Persian language out of the two main spooken languages in Afghanistan.
'E' is for Eid..
Eid is a Muslim festival that comes after Ramadan, the month of fasting.
'F' is for friend..
Each of Parvana's friends will be by her side through the war. She even has a secret friend behind a black painted window in the marketplace.
'G' is for grave..
Boys in Afghanistan would dig up graves and sell the bones to earn more money for their family's.
'H' is for Hossain..
Their parents kept his pale green shalwar kameez in the cabinet, and is now known as what Parvana wears as Kaseem.
"to remember him was too painful" Parvana's older brother Hossain died from a land mine.
'I' is for Idle..
With the exception of Fatana..
'J' is for Justice..
Through the Taliban's rules, women are forced to idle in small rooms; to take care of young and house work.
In chapter three, Parvana and her mother go out on a mission to find her father. They walk to the prison in hope to win justice for him.
'K' is for karachi..
A karachi is a cart on wheels pushed by hand, and is used to sell things in the market.
'L' is for Lifelong..
Parvana and Shauzia made a promise to meet each other in twenty years at the Eiffel Tower. Leaving lifelong memories of each other's friendship.
'M' is for Maryam..
Maryam is Parvana's little five year old sister.
She likes to draw pictures and imagine that some day she will be rich, and wear a green silk dress.
Nooria is Parvana's big sister. In Parvan's opinion, she can sometimes be bossy and controlling.
'N' is for Nooria..
'O' is for obey..
When the Taliban took over Afghanistan, they had to obey their rules or there would be devastating consequences.
'P' is for Pashtu..
Pashtu is one of the two main
languages spoken in Afghanistan.
is for
Parvana would start quavering when Tabliban or citizens would come to her father's blanket in the marketplace. She would cover up most of her body in her chador; hoping that they don't notice her.
'R' is for retired..
Parvana had to retire from her life as an Afghan girl, so she could secretly become a boy named Kaseem.
'S' is for Shauzia..
Shauzia is a friend of Parvana, who she too is hiding her identity as an average Afghan boy.
'T' is for Taliban..
In the breadwinner the Taliban are at war, and are taking over parts of Afghanistan.
'U' is for Ugly..
Ugly damaged buildings replace Parvana's memory of the peaceful city Kabul; that she once grew up in.
'V' is for vivid..
Nooria tells Parvana vivid memories of her older brother Hossain. From what she told her, he was a very nice boy who would always want to play with her as a child.
'W' is for Mrs.Weera..
Mrs.Weera is Parvana's old teacher and a family friend. She is all about teamwork and positive attitudes, she even straightened up Parvana's family when they were in the loss of hope. She is a track star, hockey player, pysical education teacher, and the caretaker of her grandson Homa.
'X' is for X'port..
After quite some time, Parvana's mom X'ported, (exported), a magazine; from the help of Mrs.Weera and others.
'Y' is for yummy nan..
Nan is an Afghan type of bread. It can be flat, long, or round, and you can sure say that nan is "yummy!".
'Z' is for zero..
In The Breadwinner there are zero right or wrong answers within Parvana's choices. She took risky choices such as becoming a boy; where others would of choose otherwise.. She has worked hard for food and money that the family desperately needed. After all, Parvana isn't going to back down on the greater good for the family, right choices or wrong..
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